A 20 km plug has formed in the Gotthard

A 20 km plug has formed in the Gotthard


TrafficThe wait is reduced in the Gotthard

Traffic jams continued in both directions of the Gotthard tunnel this Saturday afternoon but the intensity has eased. At around 1:30 pm the waiting time was just over an hour.

The situation before Göschenen (UR).

The situation before Göschenen (UR).

Gotthard tunnel on the north side webcam/Screenshot

Travelers who have to pass through the Gotthard tunnel this Saturday must always be patient. Around 1:30 p.m., the traffic that formed in the early morning on the A2 motorway at the northern Gotthard portal still stretched for 6 km. According to TCS, it takes a little over an hour extra travel time.

The cause of this traffic jam was a fire in a minibus that happened around 5 am, near Goschenen (UR), explained the Uranian cantonal police in a press release. The southbound A2 motorway will be completely closed for an hour and will be open to one lane for an hour and a half. In the early morning, there is a 20 km traffic jam. By 12:30 p.m., it was half over.

It is worth noting that the plug extending to the south of the Gotthard portal, between Quinto and Airolo (canton of Ticino) has been enlarged. Around 10 in the morning, it was almost 4 km and around 1:30 in the afternoon, it reached a height of almost 7 km. TCS informs to wait for 1h25.

Travelers are advised to take an alternative route, which is via the A13 motorway or via the San Bernardino Pass.

Drivers enter the A2 in the wrong direction

In a video by a reader-reporter published inBlick», we see many cars entering the A2 motorway from the Wassen (UR) exit. Problem: these vehicles take the route in the opposite direction. “Friday and today, Saturday, every time we make many reports against drivers who are at fault. As we are aware of the fact that some of them used the Wassen exit as an entrance, we emphasize this point “, explained Marco Schuler, the picket officer of the cantonal police in Uri, who was asked by the German newspaper.


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