A forest fire in Berlin after an explosion at an ammunition depot

A forest fire in Berlin after an explosion at an ammunition depot

The fire started in the Grunewald forest, west of the capital. The fire has exceeded 15,000 square meters and is still not under control, according to firefighters.

A large forest fire broke out on Thursday morning August 4 in Berlin after the explosion of a police ammunition depot, firefighters said, stressing that they were struggling to control the situation.

A fire broke out in the Grunewald Forestwest of the city, andthere are explosions“, rebuked the firefighters. “The fire spread over an area of ​​15,000 square meters, first in a site for the deposit and disposal of ammunition and explosives by the police then in the surrounding forest“, they added. “The situation is confused, the fire continues to spread out of control in the forest“, said an AFP spokesperson.

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“extreme drought”

The fire brigade could not immediately reach the scene due to the danger of the explosion. They positioned themselves in a perimeter built a kilometer from the ammunition depot, where several explosions continued to ring out. The Berlin region is the victim of a particularly pronounced drought. A large forest fire in July destroyed more than 850 hectares in the south of Brandenburg, the region around the capital city.

Far to the south, a fire in the national park of “Bohemian Switzerland“, which left the Czech Republic before spreading to Germany, is still mobilizing firefighters. A new heat wave is now affecting Germany, like the rest of Europe. Most of the country is in a state of “severe drought“where”remarkable“, in particular Berlin, according to the UFZ institute for environmental research.

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According to scientists, repeated heat waves are a clear sign of global warming and these heat waves are expected to increase, lengthen and intensify. Rising temperatures and increasing heat waves and droughts create ideal conditions for forest fires or bushfires.


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