a rapper’s photo goes viral for an unlikely reason

Shay: Rapper's photo goes viral for unlikely reason

We explain why Shay’s new photo is setting the web on fire!

Since the release of his single “DA” as well as its music video (2.8 million views on Youtube), Shay has not shared any information about his upcoming projects or the release of a new album in the coming months, but he has been in the news with his extraordinary participating in the jury of the New School program on Netflix before making noise on Twitter this week.

On Netflix’s TV Street to find a new French-speaking rap star, Shay managed to spot Belgian rapper Fresh La Peufra, the winner of the competition, even though the rapper’s positions on the show often drew a lot of criticism on Twitter. The former 92i artist reunited with Niška in this show, with whom she returned to the famous line from the single Monday, “I had a terrible bar during the clip with Shay” during an interview with the Raplume media.

Amazing crossover

“I’m laughing and everything except that you were talking nonsense. I’ll get fired there. You laugh: “Ah yes ‘Liquid’ with Shay”. Did you forget or what? Did you hear what you said on your last album? » she turned to the Network’s translator. “Well, I think we’ll end it there. She wants to settle her bills now. We’re together all day, that’s it.” Niska replied laughing before Shay concluded, “No, but that’s not it. Don’t look at me like that when you say that. You say liquid, good. This is all. You’ve already done enough. ». A few days ago, the Belgian rapper was talked about for a completely different reason.

Indeed, Shay found herself top trending on social network Blue bird after ARENA, an MMA news website, posted a photo of her with fighter Youssef Boughanem with the legend “Amazing Crossover: Shay x Youssef Boughanem” with the addition of the emoticon “fishing” next to the name of the former member of 92i. “Emoji by the flame smokes me, you could have found another mdrrr”, “You could have put the mic next to Shay anyway, what’s that”, “Give some respect bitch Shay, what emoji is that” can we read the amused comments of netizens with this publication before the community manager adds humor, “Shay’s going to sue us for one of our CMs, I’m dead”.


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