A request to the production that Fabrice Lucchini explicitly declined behind the scenes of the shooting

A request to the production that Fabrice Lucchini explicitly declined behind the scenes of the shooting

Anne Fontaine, film director gemma bovary Airing this Wednesday, July 27 at 8:55 pm on Arte, he wanted Fabrice Lucchini to train with a professional baker. But he flatly refused! Let us tell you the real reason.

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In 2014, Anne Fontaine, director of marvin or beautiful educationbegins production gemma bovaryA comedy adapted from a novel by an English writer Posie Slimmonds. The story of the film, aired this Wednesday, July 27th at 8:55 pm on Arte and Arte.tv, is about a beautiful young Briton, Gemma (Gemma Arterton) who moved with her restaurateur husband to a farm in Normandy, Charlie Bowery (played by Jason Fleming). They are quickly met by their neighbor Martin (Fabrice Luchini), the village baker, both troubled by the young woman’s charm but also by the namesake of her newcomers who are reminiscent of a certain Gustave Flaubert’s heroes.

Fabrice Lucchini, Baker’s Inn gemma bovary ,Was waiting for this role,

For this slightly wacky story, Anne Fontaine immediately appealed to Fabrice Lucchini, who appeared recently “humiliatedon the stage of Molieres, ,When I read the graphic novel, I immediately charged fabrice luchiniDeep within, not just as an artist, but as someone who has Flaubert in his blood. (…) I have heard him speak often madam bovary In embodiment, it seemed to me that this role was waiting for him“, she announced on the film’s exit.

Fabrice Lucchini:I ain’t gonna see a friend bake her bread in a fortnight,

However, Anne Fontaine had a tough time with the actor.Alice and the Mayor, on which she couldn’t even take a stick to the… It categorically refused, in a style that belongs only to him. “We are in Stanislavsky [metteur en scène et formateur d’acteurs russe dont les méthodes ont influencé l’Actors Studio de New York, ndlr] The!, got carried away fabrice luchini, ,He’ll have to get another actor, because I’m not going to spend two weeks watching a guy bake his bread!Fearing getting into trouble, the filmmaker finally agreed to his point. fabrice luchini, who was a hairdresser before becoming an actor, does not have a hair parting style. He slid perfectly into the mold to portray a reliable baker, even with no prior training.

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