Actor Danny Boone victim of 6.7 million euro scam  news

Actor Danny Boone victim of 6.7 million euro scam news

blow for the actor

In 2021, looking for a company capable of taking careMaintenance of his boat Danny BoonThe 7th favorite personality of the French, a certain . would have gone to Terry Birless On the advice of a friend. also called Thierry Fialek Birle either Thierry Waterford MandevilleThe person succeeded in persuading the actor to speak his mind community South Sea Merchant’s Mariners Limited Partnership (SSMM). who pretends to be Lord Irishwould have assured that his family would be at the core of this famous company.

after a Confidence Set up with the scoundrel, Danny Boone, convinced of the “seriousness” of this alleged Irish lord, makes the first payoff. 2.2 million Euros to advance your yacht refurbishment and insurance. Problem, this famous insurance address matches a hardware store in Samoa… Ouch!

everything was calculated

But not only that, have faith, actor Continuous agrees to engage in an investment program involving his business and Irish Central Bank, A good financial transaction is expected. second transfer of 4.5 million Euro is then created in July 2021, Questioning begins only after Danny Boone is warned by an ex anonymous victim, Only now, it’s too late… Funds were transferred to accounts in South Korea and Panama! the scam stands now 6.7 million Euro.

Accompanied by his lawyers, Danny Boone files a complaint and begins legal proceedings against this false Irish lord. fraud and scam, On 13 July, the property of all companies belonging to the Irish territory was frozen, As of now the actor is yet to recover his money and a fresh hearing should be held soon.

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