Aldebert lit up the Théâtre de la Mer in Sète with two concerts for the benefit of sick children

Aldebert lit up the Théâtre de la Mer in Sète with two concerts for the benefit of sick children

Mischievous, gentle, devoted, funny, adjectives abound to define singer Aldbert. We can undoubtedly add generously to this (incomplete) list.

At the invitation of the Astrid-MRPCI association, which works with families of children with rare childhood cardiopulmonary diseases, the musician gave two concerts at the Sea Theater in Sète. Joy for the 2300 fans who came to see the show. As usual, the singer from Besançon won the hearts of children and parents. “It’s a bonus to come on vacation, hold an Aldebert concert and participate in a good cause,” rejoices the mother.

Aldebert's concert in Sète
France 3 Languedoc-Roussillon / I. Bris / Y. Le Teurnier / P. Zanibelli / B. Rouch

Association Astrid – Maladies Rares Cardio-Pulmonaires Infantiles (MRCPI) was founded in 2010 by Xavier Giner after the death of his three-year-old granddaughter suffering from lung disease. The purpose of this association is to organize events in order to promote research, support families of sick children and inform the public about various childhood lung diseases.

The campaigns aim to raise funds to facilitate the daily life of children hospitalized in the pediatric department of the Montpellier University Hospital. “We have to try to get them out of there, let them have windows of happiness and so we practice giving them that and we practice making the service warmer as well as for the staff,” explains Xavier Giner, founder and president of the Astrid MRCPI association.

Part of the proceeds from Aldebert’s concert will be donated to the Astrid association. “When we can mobilize, we do it. We support associations that influence sick children,” assures the singer France3 during the interview before the concert. Thanks to these two concerts, the association should collect at least 3000 euros.

For more than ten years, Aldebert dealt with all topics related to childhood without censorship. Homo-parenting, death, environment, animal abuse, fear of the dark, schoolthemes that are not always harmonious, which he intelligently and humorously puts into music. “I don’t want to be a child again at all, nor to start the story again, I’m very happy to have grown up, but I like to keep things from childhood, values ​​from childhood, energy, enthusiasm, curiosity”, he assures.

Part four childish, published in August 2021. is already on loop in family cars, because with its smooth lyrics and pretty rock tunes, Aldebert makes everyone agree. So much so that his rich albums and concerts are shared by all generations: children, parents, grandparents.

Aldebert is going on a big tour with his Enfantillages 4 from autumn 2022.

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