All you need to watch the hottest streaming platform movies this summer!

All you need to watch the hottest streaming platform movies this summer!

There is nothing better than enjoying an evening with friends watching a good horror movie. These are the cult titles you can watch together!

Are you a fan of horror movies? And you would like to see it at a party with your friends.

To help you choose the perfect movie, we’ve patiently scoured to find the hidden gems. As we have for comedies and movies in general, let us guide you! We reveal all the essential Netflix titles in the following lines.

Must watch horror movies on netflix

Released at the peak of the pandemic, Alive became a surprise hit on Netflix. This is a pure masterpiece. The story centers on a man trapped in his apartment during the apocalypse! Entertaining and bloody, this is an excellent feature film that replaces the escalation of tension with bloody and terrifying action sequences!

Movies can scare the audience in different ways. Of course, at least one horror movie might be scarier than hitting around the bush. Also this is the case Her house by Remy Weeks. This Netflix show makes us realize the dangers facing immigrants on the road. If you like tense and tense scenes, go for this title!

There’s no reason an Annabelle sequel should be good, but the 2017 prequel is actually one of the best movies in the entire Conjuring universe. Detailing how the haunted doll acquired her supernatural powers, the Netflix film features incredibly creepy horror scenes. This is no surprise as it is directed by a renowned director David F. Sandberg!

The Raid director Gareth Edwards goes from action to horror in this slow-paced film. It is the story of a man who goes to save his sister from a different cult. The feature film begins as a dreamy adventure, calm and full of joy. But after a few minutes, it becomes more brutal and dark! To search on the Netflix platform.

the list goes on

1922 Definitely a must-see title on Netflix. This Stephen King adaptation is one that seeps into your blood and your mind. Thomas Jane plays Wilfred James, a provincial who molests his teenage son. He later instigates her to kill her mother (Molly Parker) so that she cannot take part of the family’s money. A chilling thriller that will haunt you for weeks.

Written and directed by Anna Lily Amirpour bad batch in 2017. It’s more of a post-apocalyptic drama than a proper horror movie. However, there is enough frightening and gruesome material to qualify as such. Waterhouse plays a young woman exiled within a group of cannibals. She decides to run away from this nightmare to find herself in even more trouble under the influence of a cult leader!

Berlin syndrome is a tense Netflix thriller about an Australian photographer. The latter goes to Germany and meets an attractive young man. He spent the night of Josh. But the next day, she wakes up to find she is unable to leave her apartment. He was kidnapped from One Night Stand. A feature film not to be missed!

Looking for some exotic flavor in your horror movie? Experience the unique take on the post-apocalyptic genre Norwegian film. it is dead body, released in 2020. A family of three envisions a brilliant future. Yet resources are so scarce. So they go to an event at a hotel that has a really sinister underside! They will do anything to get what they want.

Netflix: These horror movies must not be missed on the platform!

Know the essential story This Available on Netflix. If you love watching a bloody clown movie, you know where you need to go. There is also a horror film of a new genre, the famous title “Us”. want to know more? Meet you on stage.

When talking about horror movies, it’s impossible not to mention controversy. Conjuring: The Warren Files, You should also know that this feature film is inspired by real events. These are words that have an effect. Do you like “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre”? Then discover its impressive remake on Netflix. Worthy of a new saga!

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