Angoulme: Why the film festival starts earlier

Angoulme: Why the film festival starts earlier

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1. Retrospective Review of Award Winning Films

For a taste of the FFA, meet at 6 p.m. in the Ice Room at the CGR in Angoulme, from Tuesday 9 August to Monday 22 August. Programmed over fourteen evenings, fourteen films have been awarded by the festival since its creation. it will all start hiddenAn Algerian film that won a gold medal in 2008. The next day, we went with Quebec it’s not me i swear, Thursday 11 August, illegal, a work from Belgium-Luxembourg will be screened. then put it on friday war declared, The French film won the title of Best Film in 2011. catiminiThe film, Quebec, will appear on Saturday. will be sunday Boys and Guillaume at the Table, hippocrates Will air on Monday, August 15 and More Love Tuesday 16. For the characters of the youngest (but not only) my zucchini life It hit the big screens on Wednesday, 17 August. The animated feature film received Diamond Valois in 2016. small farmer After this, the screening will be done on Thursday 18 August. Then ScheherazadeFriday, 19 August. swallow of kabuli, an animated film that won the Valois de Diamante et de la Musique in 2019, will appear on Saturday 20 August. Sunday 21 August, the place to film Ibrahim, To finish, love and love story, will be shown last evening, Monday, August 22. The film won the Valois de Diamante last year. Tickets will be €2.50.

Le Grand bain will be broadcast… at the Gardes-le-Pontaroux swimming pool.

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2. Outdoor Sessions in the Department

Along with this retrospective, outdoor sessions will also take place at Charente at 10 p.m. These screenings are free of charge and are offered by the department in collaboration with the municipalities, Cine Passion 16 and Magalis. It all started… at the Gardes-le-Pontarox swimming pool. great bath The festivities will begin on Tuesday, 9 August. Then, to take advantage, head to Le Chambon in Eyemouthiers Cigarettes and Hot Chocolate in the open air. movie on sunday 14 august line up Will be broadcast on an external basis in Cognac by Valerie Lemercier. there will also be give me wingsOn 18 August MJC Mosaïque and . In the untouchables, in Nanclars, on Saturday 20 August. The last outdoor cinema will be held on Monday 22 August my zucchini life In the cellars of Magelis. Eleven sessions will also take place at 8:30 pm in different rooms in Charente: Wednesday August 10 in Montmorrow (twelfth Night), on Thursday 11 August at La Rochefoucauld (Cevennes. in antoinette), on Saturday 13 August at Blanz (1:54) and Rafek (weeds), on Monday 15 August in Gart (in the name of the earth), on Tuesday 16 August in Chassenuil (Discount), in the conference the next day (papaya) and cognac (She loves him), on Friday 19 August at the Cité d’Angoulême Cinema (beauty and pack) and Marthan (people’s name), then on Sunday 21 August at Barbezix (I am yours) Entrance tickets are € 2.50. For each of these screenings, the FFA invited a member of the film crew.

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3. Cinema-concerts during the FFA

Three cine-concerts are also announced at the Angoulme Theatre, starting at 7 pm and at €2.5 entry. Thursday, August 25, “Divertimento” by Marie-Castille Mansion-Shar will open the ball. The screening will be followed by a symphonic concert with an orchestra conducted by Zahia Zauni, whose life inspired the film. On Friday 26 August, Ida Tecker and Luc Bricoult’s film “Chur de Rockers” will be performed before a concert by the Salt & Pepper Choir of Dunkirk, whose story inspired the film. Finally, “Je t’aime moi non plus” by Serge Gainsbourg (1975) would air. The screening will be presented by actress and director Julie Guyett and will be followed by a musical talk with songwriter Alex Beaupen and FFA co-director Dominique Besnehard.

The editorial staff gives you advice

Red Lion Rwanda organizes an exhibition of photographs

From August 8 to September 3, the restaurant Le Lion Rouge, located on the Place Louvale, will display 30 prints. He was taken by Rwandan photographer Jacques Nkinjingabo. “He was taken to Rwanda”Marie-France Brier says. There are many with scenarios, characters…”. The country invited by the FFA for this edition is Rwanda.

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