Apple TV+: What is this psychological thriller about an amnesia?  - news series

Apple TV+: What is this psychological thriller about an amnesia? – news series

Apple TV+ is launching the Surface series, a psychological thriller starring Gugu Mbatha-Raw as a woman who has lost her memory and tries to piece together the puzzles of her past .

What is this about?

One woman’s quest to rebuild herself after a suicide attempt, and her struggle to remember and understand – everything that inspired her to jump…

Surface, a series created by Veronica West with Gugu Mbatha-Raw, Oliver Jackson-Cohen, Stephen James and Ari Greiner. Apple TV+. Available at

puzzle memory

Lost memories, head trauma and suspicious circumstances… These are often the plot points of psychological thrillers. And the Surface, the latest Apple Original series, has fun using all three. Produced by Veronica West (High Fidelity) and directed by Sam Miller (I May Destroy You), this dazzling miniseries centers on Sophie (Gugu Mbatha-Raw), the wife of James (Oliver Jackson-Cohen), a wealthy philanthropist, who He loses most of his memory during the unsuccessful suicide attempt.

As the story progresses, she begins to wonder if she really jumped that day or was pushed instead. She then explores a hazy world of deceit and adultery, as Gugu Mbatha-Raw tells us:

It is an intense psychological thriller and I challenge you to figure it out. It’s actually a plotline around my character, Sophie, who lost her memory under strange circumstances. I love that the plot takes place in the ultra-rich world of San Francisco where everything seems so perfect but nothing is true…beneath the ‘surface’

The actress who appeared in Black Mirror or Loki plays Sophie, a man determined to piece together his past, while the day she decides to end her life and jumps off the deck of a yacht , continued its investigation into what happened that day. Her husband, James, is doing his best to support her in this ordeal, but he is clearly hiding something with his suspicious behavior and controlling attitude. He tells Sophie what to wear and even takes charge of her finances. Something is very wrong and Sophie will stop at nothing to find out the truth.

,It is the search for truth, the fact of going beyond appearances, that attracted me to this series. What is different is the way the show is built with one reveal per episode. Slowly, the veil of mystery over Sophie’s true identity is uncovered and the truth is finally revealed.“, in turn, believed Olivier Jackson-Cohen.

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false pretenses

As the secrets unfold, Sophie addresses her trauma with her shrunken Hannah (Marianne Jean-Baptiste), hoping to unlock hidden memories, while Baden (Stephen James) the officer in charge of her case. may have evidence that supports his suspicions.

Her best friend Caroline (Arie Greiner) rounds out the cast with secrets of her own, which will surely disrupt Sophie’s life even more. Sophie really doesn’t have anyone she can trust, not even herself. The series takes trauma and healing seriously, avoiding using these plot points as mere gimmicks.

,The title, like everything else in this series, has a double meaning.“Gugu Mbatha-Raw continues.”It also reflects the duality of personality of Sophie trying to figure out who she really is. Along this memory journey there is a parallel between the surface of the water and the coming to the surface that the light tries to find. She comes back from the depths of herself physically and mentally. She rises to the surface to face the reality of her true existence.

Of course, it is also the notion of going beyond the surface, superficiality to discover the true nature of these things. Don’t believe the book cover as they say. Everyone presents a smooth, clean surface sometimes, but there is often another person behind the mask.,

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