Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz: Can You Identify These 12 Movies?  - Movies News

Arnold Schwarzenegger Quiz: Can You Identify These 12 Movies? – Movies News

Legend Arnold Schwarzenegger is celebrating his 75th birthday. An opportunity to test yourself with a little quiz! Can You Identify These 12 Movies Of This Bodybuilder Star?

Happy Birthday Shwarji! Action film legend Arnold Schwarzenegger turns 75. On this occasion, we could not resist the urge to offer you a short quiz on the massive career of the bodybuilder star.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s film career really began in the early 80’s after several years of bodybuilding and a few minor roles. It was Conan the Barbarian who propelled him to stardom on the big screen and it was in the process with his role as T-800 in James Cameron’s Terminator that he became a real world star.

There were countless successes from Predator to Terminator 2 through the saga Commando, Total Recall, Last Action Hero, True Lies and The Expendables. Without forgetting comedies like Jumax, Junior or A Cop in Kindergarten, as well as the clash against Batman in Batman and Robin. Don’t throw it away, Schwarzie, he is quite simply a legend, a symbol whose mere mention of his name strikes the collective imagination in the same way as his friend Sylvester Stallone.

Do you think you know anything about Arnold Schwarzenegger? Are you sure that Hollywood star movies have no secrets for you? So on the occasion of its 75th spring, try a no-fault with our quiz made up of 12 questions. Which Schwarji films are these pictures from? Your score on… Get set… Play!

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