Aurélie Cabrel: Francis Cabrel's daughter, who looks so much like her, "broken face" because of the name

Aurélie Cabrel: Francis Cabrel’s daughter, who looks so much like her, “broken face” because of the name

Francis Cabrel retired to a green paradise, settled in Astaffota, the region where the 68-year-old singer spent most of his childhood. Passionate about wine, he also owns a hotel-restaurant, Trg, managed by his daughter Aurélie Cabrel. This discreet girl, who celebrates her 36th birthday this Saturday, July 30, 2022, has apparently given up her singing career. She who physically resembles him so much has already admitted in the past that she suffered from his famous surname.

In October 2011, Aurélie Cabrel, then 25 years old, released her first album Oserais-je?. In the promotion, she accepted an interview with our colleagues from the newspaper Le Parisien, and confided in us how difficult it is sometimes to bear this last name. “With my sisters [Manon, 32 ans, et Thiu, 18 ans qu’il a adoptée au Vietnam en 2004, quand elle avait trois mois, ndlr], we were protected from the press, but we suffered at school. I’ve already gotten punched in the face for this. When I got a good grade, they told me it was because I was Cabrel’s daughter. I was told that my father lived only for himself and that was why my mother worked. It was traumatic, but it creates character, it allowed me to make a beautiful album.

Discreet Aurélie Cabrel therefore decided to become a force and refused to sing under a pseudonym, fully assuming that she was Cabrel. “People told me: ‘You should take a nickname.‘ It was never about that“, she said. Like Thomas Dutronc or Izïa Higelin, the daughter of Francis Cabrel preferred to have only a name. If she has long revolved around this desire to sing, starting from managing groups six years older, today she seems to have She turned this page, but keeps her foot in the music Indeed, she has her own record label Baboo Music and recently produced Astaffort artist Mayu, who released her first single on July 1st A sensitive Brazilian musician, author and performer.

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