Back from Canada, Pope Francis says he wants to "save" or "deny himself"

Back from Canada, Pope Francis says he wants to “save” or “deny himself”

Slow down, or stop. On the plane that brought him back from his trip to Canada, Pope Francis admitted on Friday, July 29, that he must “to limit the little” on the physical plane, also evoking the possibility of “set aside”. During this six-day visit, the father seemed to be weak and moved around mainly in a wheelchair.

“I do not believe that I can maintain the same pace of travel as before. I believe that at my age, and with these limitations, I must save myself to serve the Church, or on the contrary consider the possibility of being cast aside i”did he declare.

“In all honesty, it’s not a disaster. We can change the pope. It’s not a problem.”

papa francis

of journalists on board his plane

This is his 37th international trip since his election in 2013 “a little try”continued the pope. “It’s true that we can’t travel in this state, maybe we should change the style”he added, as confident as he was “will try to continue traveling, to be close to people, because it is a way of service, closeness”. dreduced by the severe pain in his knee, he said he watched “after effects” anesthesia suffered in July 2021 during his colon operation.

Jorge Bergoglio also renewed his desire to go to kyiv, Ukraine, without further details, and confirmed the planned trip to Kazakhstan in September to participate in a summit of senior leaders of religion. He added that he will visit South Sudan “before” to go to the Democratic Republic of Congo, when he visited the two countries at the beginning of July during the same trip, was postponed indefinitely due to his health condition.

Regarding the possible rejection, like his predecessor Benedict XVI, the pope repeated that the door is “opened”. “But so far, I haven’t opened that door. As they say, I don’t feel it, to think about the possibility. to start thinking about it.”

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