Batlles regrets seven absentees for Nîmes and justifies the exclusion of Maçon, Youssouf and Bouanga

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The training week

“We tried to evacuate the defeat and put things in place in training. We don’t want it to happen again, there were discussions with the players to understand the first half.”


“Nimes lost in the last minutes against Caen. They are a team formed by League 2 and it will be difficult to play this game.”

The exclusion of Mason, Youssouf and Bouanga

“I think the players were not ready to play a Ligue 2 match. The decisions I made are not final. I wanted to focus my group on the Nîmes match. Denis Bouanga was suspended and “others about to leave. The goal was also to make it clear that when you are in the spirit, you are in the group, otherwise you are not. The important thing is what will happen on Saturday at 3pm.”

Your game system

“I think that already, playing in this demanding system, you need to understand it as best as possible and want to put things in place so that you are not in danger. Maybe I will do something more rational this weekend. , waiting for you to recruit.”

The absentees

“Anthony Briançon will not be available, it doesn’t matter, but he had a full game against Dijon after a long time without playing. We have 10 days then, he will resume training on Monday, we don’t want a more serious injury. Anthony thought it was a crutch in the buttocks, but the pain went down. Antoine Gauthier and Dylan Chambost are injured and Yvann Maçon and Zaydou Youssouf will not be in the group. For Zaydou, there are discussions in courses that belong to the management. It is a very long championship , we can’t lose a lot of people at the start of the championship, we don’t take risks as was the case with Aïmen Moueftek who had a background, he knows he will bring us something important. .”

The arrival of Pintor

“Lenny Pintor, I knew him for two years at Troyes with two one-year loans, before he crossed in March 2021. He has qualities of speed and still needs to toughen up. He has to assume a new status . He’s somebody. who wants to be there, he called me saying he wants to put on the jersey. With him we’ll have more youth in the rotation.”


“For the armband, I think my idea fell to Anthony Briançon. He knew it and has the character for it. He can bring us rigor, joy and create a bond between the players. He won’t be here on Saturday, so we’ll see what happens after”.


“Bordeaux is also building something and will allow teams not to take points. It’s better to have a club like that, to stay, than to have exemptions.”

The three penalty points

“These three penalty points are still relevant, it is absolutely necessary that we return to the same championship as the others. Nowadays we are almost excluded. The group is aware of this.”

Comments transcribed by Le Progrès

to summarize

The coach of AS Saint-Etienne, Laurent Batlles, was present this Thursday at a press conference two days before the reception of Nîmes Olympique, during the second day of Ligue 2. Here is what you need to remember.

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