Bayonne Festival 2022: 5 songs to know before going there

Bayonne Festival 2022: 5 songs to know before going there

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The Bayonne Festival takes place from July 27 to 31. on this occasion, Midi Dispatch invites you to revise the songs that will punctuate these holidays.

After a two-year hiatus due to Covid-19, the Bayonne Festival is back. A festive event, whose 90the edition, starts on Wednesday July 27th and runs until Sunday July 31st. About a million people are expected this year.

If you go there, it’s essential to know (or revise) the songs you’ll hear on every street corner during these five days of celebration. Here’s a small selection:

“Bayona Pena”

The hymn “Peña Baiona” is based on the paso “Vino Griego”, itself modeled after “Griechischer Wein”, created in 1972 by Udo Jürgens.

“Txoria Txori”

“Txoria Txori” (or “Hegoak”) is a song written in the Basque language by Joxean Artze and set to music by Mikel Laboa, a member of the group Ez Dok Amairu.

“Get Up Leon”

On the first day of the festival, young and old sing “Stand up Léon” to accompany the arrival of “King Léon, King of Fools”, the emblematic character of the Bayonne Festival.

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“Bayonne here we come”

“Pants whiter than ever”, “Your high scarf”, “Gangs on the quay”… emphasize the lyrics of this title dedicated to the festival in Bayonne.

“Battitta at the Bayonne Festival”

Another hymn, “Battitta aux Fêtes de Bayonne”, whose chorus speaks for itself: “I go to the Fêtes de Bayonne, I sing and dance, I laugh and have fun”.

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