Blonde, the movie that stunned the legend Marilyn Monroe

Blonde, the movie that stunned the legend Marilyn Monroe

What is a myth? If he had not abused egg punches and barbiturates, Marilyn Monroe Perhaps still in this world she will be 96 years old, the age of a grandmother, even the great-grandmother of many Netflix subscribers, to whom Marilyn, her life, her body, her work, is history. As old as the Marshall Plan. However, we bet they’ll run in September to discover Golden hairs, A long-awaited feature film in every sense of the word, since the American streaming platform announced its production in 2016.

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Image from the filming of Gora. Here, director Andrew Dominic tried to equally reproduce a famous photo of the couple Marilyn Monroe – Joe DiMaggio.

Matt Kennedy / Netflix © 2022

Director Andrew Dominic matured the project for fifteen years, giving her time to replace the lead actress twice before retaining the Hispano-Cuban Ana de Armas. In either order not to appear on screen: Naomi Watts and Jessica Chastain. This New Zealander, who shares his life between Los Angeles and Australia in everything, likes to think before acting. So he preferred to answer my questions via email. Including this you had to think about (don’t congratulate me): “But why a movie about Marilyn? , June 10, 2022. From Andrew to Sylvie: , I saw an opportunity to describe an adult life through the lens of childhood mistaken beliefs and trauma. (“I wanted to describe an adult life through the prism of childhood trauma and mistaken beliefs.”) This proves that an interesting answer can arise from an innocuous question.

loved, coveted, desired… but never fulfilled

Let’s start again. It all started badly for little Norma Jean Baker in Los Angeles on June 1, 1926, a name she preferred for Ben Lyon, a producer for 20th Century Fox, that would surely bring alliteration to M. his luck. The unwanted child of an unknown parent, who we only know died in the woods before she was born, and Gladys, an unstable woman who would soon be diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia, Norma spent most of her childhood as the host. So much for the trauma spent between families and inflicted by the orphanage director. As far as the misconception is concerned, it was reported by Gladys that the absent father was as handsome as Clark Gable, that he always had a picture of his beloved daughter in his wallet and that one day, of course, he would be there. ‘give a hug. , You don’t need to listen to Lacan’s twenty-seven seminars in their entirety to understand that Norma Jean (whose “e” jumped out as a teenager), who used to call her husbands by the sweet nickname of Daddy, was a Was looking for protective paternal figure.. we better understand why she whispers so sensuously billionaire And in the text in French: “My heart belongs to Dad, You know master… “


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