Booba en paix avec Sinik, Il écoute l

Booba in peace with Sinik, Listening to one of his classics

Booba in peace with Sinik, Listening to one of his classics

Amazing gesture of Booba towards Sinik!

Booba has never missed an opportunity to square off with Sinika since their feud began in 2007, but to everyone’s surprise, he only hinted at calming down their rivalry in a recent Instagram story after creating a new profile called “elieyaffaofficiel” on the social network that follows the deletion OKLM account with already more than 300,000 subscribers in less than a month.

15 years ago, a conflict broke out between Booba and Sinik that shook the rap game. At the time, the Les Ulysses rapper was at the peak of his career and was a hit in album sales, but B2O gave him the scoop on the title track “Le DUC” from the mixtape “Autopsie Vol. 2” with the iconic catchphrase, “Blacks were downgraded by Pokor, Diam’s and Sinik. Shame on you nigga! Do you get it nigga? ». The two rappers correspond to each other in music with the song “L’Homme à Abattre (Carton Jaune)” for Nixie and the single “Carton rose” for Kopp. Tensions have finally subsided in recent years, but the release of Thomas Gérard Idir’s latest album under his real name reignited hostilities.

B2O is listening to SINIK’s song

Indeed, Booba attacked Sinik during the promotion of the album “Niksi” released in April 2022. “It’s the behavior of a guy who lost a fight to say “I won”, to shout it loud and clear, knowing that the fans will follow and start this trend (…) As much as he is a very good artist. As much as he’s not a guy who’s impressive when he makes a real fight » explained Malsain L’assassin in Lamal El Pistolero’s program on Generations about conflict. “You still have my name in your mouth, huh! You never got up from a cardboard rose! good luck” warned B2O to call him to stop talking about their conflict. SINIK then denied that he was simply answering questions from journalists before making the end of his career as a rapper official.

From this exchange, Booba obviously decided to turn the page on their confusion and a few days ago he surprised Internet users by uploading to his Instagram story a short video in which we can hear Sinika’s song “Sjajno vrijeme” from the album “La Main sur le cœur” released in 2005. a classic of his discography. A wonderful gesture of peace from the Duke as Nixy sadly announced her mother’s death on Instagram earlier this month.

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