Brad Pitt's opponent of John Wick

Brad Pitt’s opponent of John Wick

Benefiting from a highway with a length of summer neglected by Hollywood’s big machines, Bullet Train intends to give us a dose of non-stop backfire. And then there is Brad Pitt.

In the midst of the very bleak heat of the blockbuster made in Uncle Sam, where only Top Gun: Maverick and Thor: Love and Thunder compete for the fat end in dark rooms, Sony has spent a lion’s share of the time to carve and deploy. saw the opportunity of, face of the competition, in the fall, its action film 320 km/h: Bullet Train.

A title inspired by an expression used by Anglo-Saxons to designate the famous Japanese high-end train Shinkansen. So far, you can’t say anything exciting, except that director David Leach has put Brad Pitt and several assassins on board. And if, we do not know by what miracle, you managed to dodge the publicity between performances in the city, TV commercials, on social networks, in the cinema, etc. (We would be curious to know the marketing budget) And you still don’t know what it is about, we summarize the delirium for you.

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Ladybug is a mercenary that is considered particularly unlucky. He’s given a simple mission: to steal a briefcase on the Shinkansen. Which is a good thing because now he intends to do his job as peacefully as possible, without weapons or violence. Except that several assassins with differing interests are also on the train and they are all interested in the briefcase. For ladybugs, the hardest part begins: getting down.

Following the success of John Wick, former stunt-turned-director duo Chad Stahelski and David Leach went their separate ways. The first continues to direct Keanu Reeves which targets the entire world (the fourth work is due out in March 2023) while the second projects only multiplied action with a seamless action cinema where we have easy punchlines and a farts. Should be. helmet.

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It’s hard to tell whether David Leach is a witchcraft or not or whether our obsession for movie leads and bullshit constantly blinds us, but each of his films always promises delicious promises on paper (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw) before realizing that the end result is only in pain, reaching a third of his potential (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2, Fast & Furious: Hobbs & Shaw). Disillusionment, desperation and above all the memory of the goldfish since we set off for a ride again, and on top of that with envy.

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Must be shaken, otherwise the pulp remains at the bottom!

The bullet train is a pure Hollywood product of the past fifteen years, which goes with it. A camera that zooms in for comic effect, worrying digressions to hide action sequences, everything was seen during the promotion of the film, a pop soundtrack for a sense of change and slow motion for styling.

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The feature film thus continues to prove that David Leach is more of a salesman than a director, who manages to sell us a counterfeit that draws inspiration from Tarantino, Gunn, Snyder, Rodriguez and all as friends. Combines all tasks. Laid the foundation of modern cinematic pop-culture. A kind of melting pot where we’ve put ideas, but not talent, at the same level of fighting, since Leach’s Klipsch staging leads us to think that Stahelski was the true conductor of the former pair (known as Baba Yaga’s). Later opponents had already convinced us in truth).

brad train

Before you call us pis-cold or agents in the faded jeans lobby, Bullet Train is not a failed film. And it’s not because of the presence of Joey King, whose annoying presence seems to be screaming “Look at me, I’m in a movie with Brad Pitt!” », but in his partners. First, the pair Aaron Taylor-Johnson and Brian Tyre Henry surprisingly rise in power in the minutes and we are finally joined by them. In a shower of stars, they manage to shine far above their ghostly companions.

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And then there’s the ladybug, better known as Brad Pitt. Would a bullet train taste the same without a headliner? The answer is clear. Brad plays the perfect loser who enjoys scratching his status as a sex symbol. Bob on the head, big glasses, pacifist, clumsy, a bit cowardly and completely off the mark, Ladybug is the anti-hero par excellence, which we don’t notice and who is killed in a minute in a script classic. A simple sort of role against the grain that could have turned out to be a thorn in the side by handing over a star whose charisma is no longer to be proven, but on the contrary, only demonstrates, once again, what a tremendous actor Brad Pitt is.

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With him at the head of the gondola, the film manages to have its little effect, especially because the company is not run by cynics, but by a kid who loves action cinema of the 80s and 90s, even if he doesn’t have the talent. , with the greatest contingency is our desire to entertain. If you agree to put everything you’ve seen elsewhere (the famous golden memory) and take some hallucinogenic substances, the bullet train is lauded as an honest and simple summertime pastime, making you No one will turn out smart, but at least who won’t have taken us for idiots.

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