BTS’s J-Hope discusses his music and career on Zico’s Youtube show

Zico launched a new show “Give Me a Minute”, the title of which means “Just 5 minutes” in Korean! On July 29, the YouTube series premiered its first episode, and the guest star was none other than BTS’s J-Hope! The episode begins with Zico approaching J-Hope in what appears to be HYBE’s cafeteria and asking the BTS member to give him five minutes of his time.

In this video, J-Hope reflects on several milestones and events in his life.

Let’s look at some of the points covered below:

Nail Art

Near the beginning, Zico asks J-Hope about nail art, to which the BTS member shares: “I feel like I always do them when I release a new song. » J-Hope goes on to claim that one of his most memorable creations to date was actually when he drew a chicken for ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’. He also talks about how his fellow BTS members SUGA and Jin react in amazement when they see his nail art!

the life of a pop star

Zico also asks J-Hope about his style of music, wondering how he does it despite having a lot of activities planned. This leads J-Hope to say that he has often worked on music even abroad in the past. To that, Zico answers “That’s the life of a pop star. Take your gear overseas. A true testament to the hard work of the musicians we love and respect!

A musical instrument

To J-Hope’s surprise, Zico suddenly pulls out a recorder! What unfolds takes us back in time, as J-Hope tries his hand at playing the recorder with his nostril, as he once did in a live stream all those years ago.

listening party

Towards the end, Zico says: “After that, you have a listening session,” thinking of having fun listening to J-Hope’s recently released solo album “Jack In The Box”. J-Hope goes on to talk about the solo album and his individual identity as an artist, before the two of them get down to listening to the album.

We loved this format!

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