Canada: A candy company is looking for a taster to be paid $100,000 a year

Canada: A candy company is looking for a taster to be paid $100,000 a year

Candy Funhouse is currently looking for someone willing to taste 3,500 candies per month, for an annual salary of $100,000.

People with high blood sugar, diabetes, or those who don’t like sweets, this article is not for you. But if you want to get paid to eat candy, here’s your chance.

Candy Funhouse, a Canadian store, has published an announcement that is as professional as it is unusual. He is officially looking a candy taster, who will be paid 100,000 Canadian dollars (ie 77,000 euros) per year. Although this ad may create more than a dream, don’t send your application too soon. The person selected for this position must eat 3,500 sweets per monthwhich makes more than a hundred a day.

“At the beginning of last year, we were looking for bonbonlogues, our tasters of original flavors […] We are currently looking for our General Manager of Confectionery, who will gently guide our candy lovers!” Vanessa Janakijevski-Rebelo, spokeswoman for the store, told AFP.

So the one to choose would be the general manager of confectionery and will guide the “three candy lovers” already in the company. she be responsible for approving new products, organizing “confectionery board meetings” or to assume the role of “head taster”. In other words, it is a task where the taste and palate are necessary and cruelly put to the test.

100,000 applications sent in two weeks

The offer is open to anyone living in North America who is five years of age or older. Candy Funhouse reported with rreceived over 100,000 applications in just two weeks. “Most are from adults, but about 25% are children”detailed the company’s spokesperson.

On Twitter, an American user named Matthew Crooks explained that his 8-year-old daughter applied, and even created her LinkedIn profile for the occasion. “Thank you for helping him learn about work and the importance of a strong resume, even though he’s only 8 years old,” wrote this father.

It’s official @candyfunhouseca, he applied. Thank you for helping her learn about hard work and the importance of a strong resume, even though she was only 8 years old.

— Matthew Crooks (@washotboyronald) July 31, 2022

Once selected, the recruited person will be subject to “extensive tasting training” and benefit from comprehensive dental insurance. It’s embarrassing for everyone that sugar makes your teeth disappear.

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