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Celine Dion suffers: Jean-Jacques Goldman will never be able to refuse him this special request!

Celine Dion’s fans have been waiting months for her return. But the singer does not find the stage. His health condition prevents him from standing in front of his fans and singing his greatest hits. Rumors circulate, multiply, and the artist stays at home and tries to rest. What better than to imagine him returning to Jean-Jacques Goldman’s hit song?

Celine Dion can’t continue her career

It all starts, in 2021, with a message published on social networks: ” I’m sorry to let them down, and I’m especially sorry to disappoint all the fans who were planning to come to Las Vegas. Now I have to focus on my health to get better as soon as possible… I want to get out of this as soon as possible “, said the singer on her social networks. A message that leaves a lot of room for interpretation. But what does the singer suffer from to the extent that it takes her away from what she loves most, the scene?

We ignore it. A few elements appear in the press, but nothing concrete. And the cancellations continue. While her European fans were eagerly waiting for her to come and perform her greatest hits, the tour was postponed again (covid-19 was already there, not the first time).

Finally it is his sister Claudette who breaks the news and decides to break the silence. She begins by indicating that no one in Céline’s entourage is worried.. ” If it was extremely serious, we would know.“, she shouts. Its purpose is also to justify the lack of communication regarding the star’s health. Because that’s what worries the fans. “ The discourse is not that it is not talked about, because it is more serious than we hear it: it is not speech. We know she’s well-rounded, she’s intelligent, and we’re not worried » .

Encouraging news?

Fans cannot be satisfied with this very concise speech. Hypotheses and theories are exchanged on social networks. Antivax joins the fun. They are convinced she is suffering from side effects from the Pfizer vaccine.. Moreover, they laugh at her for encouraging vaccination campaigns. They use this rumor to fuel their assumptions and make the star an example of the effects of the vaccine.

At the same time, all relatives of Celine Dion who were interviewed have the same speech. She worked for years without rest. But his body can’t take it anymore and forces him to rest. “ I think she pushed a little and her muscles are telling her. Céline wants to give more than the machine allows (…) This is not the first time this has happened to him. She needs to take short days off, learn to listen to herself and not push her machine too much. Claudette says.

It’s obviously sad for all the fans who dream of seeing her, but probably for the best. We must not forget, moreover, that she was extremely weakened by the death of her husband René, and that her son René-Charles refused to be her manager, which also greatly saddened her.

Celine Dion’s comeback with a Jean-Jacques Goldman song?

It’s a wonderful dream, but a dream that could come true. Indeed, the two artists collaborated together on the legendary album D’eux. And even if the singer is now retired, he would agree to work with her again. At least that’s what Gala tells us:

He would never say no to Celine Dion if she asked him for a song“. He usually backs off in the bottom of the drawer rather than go back to composing“. But for Celine Dion, her inspiration may return.

It would be a wonderful surprise to see the singer come back in top form with, moreover, an unreleased track written and composed by her dear friend with whom she loves working so much.

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