Chadwick Boseman To Play In The Sequel Of One Of The Best Thrillers In Cinema - Actus Cine

Chadwick Boseman To Play In The Sequel Of One Of The Best Thrillers In Cinema – Actus Cine

The brilliant adaptation of a dark novel by James Ellroy, “La Confidential” by Curtis Hanson and released in 1997, is one of the major films of the 90s. A sequel was considered with a similar cast, but Warner vetoed it. ,

A brilliant 1990 adaptation of the novel of the same name signed by legendary writer James Ellroy, L.A. Confidential was one of the major Hollywood films of the 90s.

Signed by the late Curtis Hanson and written by Brian Helgeland, this black and sticky thriller, where devious, indestructible cops, the mafia, prostitutes, seedy little informers and vicious journalists meet in the City of Fallen Angels, was put together by a brilliant cast. : Kevin Spacey, James Cromwell, Russell Crowe, Guy Pearce, Kim Basinger, David Strathairn, or even Danny DeVito, to name just a few. The film was crowned with two Oscars, including Best Supporting Actress for Basinger.

Released in 1997, it grossed just $126 million at the worldwide box office. In France, unfortunately, it was not a victory in theatres: barely less than 590,000 spectators … a holy injustice, which time has fortunately taken care of repair: la confidential It remains the best adaptation of James Ellroy’s universe to date.

In July 2021, when the film was celebrating the 25th anniversary of its release (and yes, already…), screenwriter Brian Helgeland gave an interview with the site. An interesting anecdote… and very disappointing for once.

A sequel killed by Warner

He actually reveals that a sequel saw the light of day almost years later, but Warner vetoed it. “A few years ago, Oscar-winning filmmaker Brian Helgeland went to see Warner Bros. for what seemed like the pitch for a dynamite movie: a LA Confidential sequel.

Helgeland had already assembled a top cast, which included the stars of the first opus: Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce, along with Chadwick Boseman, who was to play a young policeman. He developed a new story with novelist James Ellroy, who wrote the original book. A sequel that was supposed to happen in the mid-1970s.” The site explains.

Unfortunately, Helgeland doesn’t really explain the reason for Warner’s refusal to start the sequel. Still, this is the second time Major has come up with a new project around the universe. LA Confidential. In 2018-2019, an attempt at a TV series derived from the film saw the light of day, even with the filming of a pilot.

Mark Webber and Brian J. Smith was to play Russell Crowe and Guy Pearce respectively in the film, and was joined by Walton Goggins (who reprized the role played by Kevin Spacey), Dominic Burgess, Sarah Jones, Shea Whigham. , Tony Curran, Devon Gray and Drew Powell. But Warner eventually killed the project.

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