China has started military exercises around the island

China has started military exercises around the island

These are the largest maneuvers ever organized around territory claimed by Beijing.

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He carried out his threats. China has started its military exercises around Taiwan, Chinese state television CCTV announced on Thursday (August 4). These maneuvers, the largest organized around this territory claimed by Beijing, come after the visit of the American elected Nancy Pelosi to the island. Taiwan’s military said immediately “to prepare for war without seeking war”.

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These maneuvers “training” including “live ammunition firing exercises”, according to state media. As a security measure, the China Maritime Security Administration has “forbidden” ships entering the affected areas – sometimes only 20 kilometers from the coast of Taiwan. These exercises take place inu level of busy trade routes and will last until noon on Sunday.

These exercises aim to simulate a “blockade” on the island, according to the official agency of New China. This military deployment “encroaches on Taiwan’s territorial waters”Taiwan Defense Ministry spokesman Sun Li-fang said on Wednesday. “This is an unjustified act aimed at challenging the international order.” If the assumption of an invasion of Taiwan and its 23 million inhabitants remains unlikely, it has increased since the election in 2016 of the current president Tsai Ing-wen, who refuses to recognize that the island and mainland is part of it. “in a china”.

Visits by foreign officials and parliamentarians have also increased in recent years, provoking anger in Beijing. In response, Chinese President Xi Jinping, who prefers not to get bogged down in questions of sovereignty, has sought to isolate Taiwan diplomatically, particularly by increasing military pressure on the island. “There is no justification for using the visit as an excuse for aggressive military activity in the Taiwan Strait”reaction of the heads of diplomacy of the G7 countries (United States, Japan, France, Germany, Italy, Canada, United Kingdom).

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