Dani's funeral: Etienne Daho is conspicuous by his absence

Dani’s funeral: Etienne Daho is conspicuous by his absence

The funeral of singer Dani took place on Tuesday, July 26. Her colleague and great friend Etienne Daho, with whom she sang like a boomerangwas absent from this last gift, contrary to expectations.

His presence was expected but not confirmed. In the end, he won’t come. He passed away on Tuesday, July 19, 2022 at the age of 77. singer Dani has received religious funeral in Perpignan Tuesday, July 26, in the presence of a number of star friends, including Anthony Delon, Gerard Lanvin and Cali. But not his great friend Etienne Daho. Dani and he were friends since the 1980sthe period in which the singer from blue like you and Fallen to France started his career.

Etienne Daho’s absence at Dani’s funeral probably explains itself deep emotions what the artist felt when he learned about the disappearance of his great friend. Upset, the singer sent him a public message on Instagram. “So many memories, laughter, friendship and music come back to me, he wrote, convinced that they had spoken again on the phone the day before. on the day of the funeral, Etienne Daho once again paid tribute to Danistill on his Instagram account.

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How Etienne Daho revived Dani’s career

The singer published a photo of Dani, young and in a bathing suit on the beach. “My Dani, happy journey to an endlessly beautiful summer. Love always as you said“, adds Etienne Daho in the caption of the sepia shot.

Etienne Daho relaunched Dani’s singing career In 2001, starting with her like a boomerang. The song, which then became a hit, was written for Dani by Serge Gainsbourg in 1974, for Eurovision. Not selected by the competition committee, the song was never published. There is a demo version of the title in which Dani and Serge Gainsbourg sing together which has never been made public. During his lifetime, Dani entrusted it to his friend Etienne Daho.


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