Dave, still compelled to sing at 78: "I didn't put any money away"

Dave, still compelled to sing at 78: “I didn’t put any money away”

Last January, everyone feared they would never see Dave on stage again. The 78-year-old artist suffered a heavy fall in his apartment. Falling into a coma, Wouter Otto Levenbach, his real name, finally snaps out of it, much to the relief of the crowd, anxious at the idea of ​​never hearing him push a song again. It was bad knowing him. Despite the scars that remain after his accident, Dave is more than willing to walk the stage to find his fans: “When you’re doing a job you’re passionate about, it’s very hard to stopis trusted on the pages Both of us. The best time is when you’re on stage. After two years without a concert, I’m ready.”

Dave doesn’t really have a choice. If Patrick Loiseau’s husband likes to gather people around his music, the latter allows him more than ever to make ends meet. The pleasure is therefore there, and so is the obligation: “Most entertainers didn’t have a salary until 1980. I didn’t put money away for retirement. So I have to keep working” Contrary to what one might think, Dave is not hitting the jackpot in terms of retirement: “I have a flight attendant friend whose pension is twice as big as mine!

However, if he ends up making enough money to live out his old age peacefully, Dave has no intention of giving up the gigs. He will go on stage until the end, until his body no longer allows him: “I come to make people happy, to have a good time. I can’t imagine stopping. In the eighties, I thought about opening my own restaurant, but I would be unhappy if I wasn’t on stage anymore.”

It’s hard to leave all the people who still support and care for him today: “Every day people come up to me on the street and ask me: ‘Are you okay, Mr. Dave?’ I feel like Jean d’Ormesson before his death.“Dave is therefore determined to return all their love by continuing shows like the one on July 14, despite the difficulties he still faces after the accident:”I had crazy stage fright. I got the text wronghe continues. I repeat songs that I know for 100 years. I have balance problems […] I’ve lost some of my lightness, but I still have some.Dave, brave to the end!

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