Diam's: who is the husband of the former rapper?

Diam’s: who is the husband of the former rapper?

Diam’s caused a sensation a few weeks ago with his documentary Salam, presented at the Cannes Film Festival. The former rapper left the scene for many years to turn to religion: a practice that allows him to finally feel better in his skin and in his head, at peace. In love, married, mother: with Faouzi Tarkhani lives happily.

Diama’s husband, a dedicated musician

Do Melanie Georgiadesaka Diam’s, she ended her music career in 2012, through music she met the man she loves. In effect, Faouzi Tarkhani, is a rapper and songwriter of French-Tunisian origin, born in 1975 in Sarcelles in Val d’Oise. Passionate about literature, he turned to rap rather than books, and his first album, Guerrier pour paix, was released in 1999.

Faouzi Tarkhani is blind: he lost his sight in an accident. But that didn’t stop him from writing, and in 2016 he created a sensation with his book Mal vu, the testimony of a Salafist who condemns terrorism, in which he talks about his relationship to religion and what faith brings him. .

However, his early relationship with Diam was not without pitfalls. When the two artists fell in love, Faouzi Tarkhani was still in a relationship with a certain Sara, with whom he had three children. The latter said in the columns of Closer: “Diam took my husbandThe former rapper managed to marry his companion in 2015.

Diam’s is happy in her new life

In her documentary Salam, she spoke about her faith without taboos, as she has already done on several occasions in her books, but also in rare appearances on the small screen. She converted to Islam and now married to Faouzi Tarkhani for 8 years, she started a family consisting of Maryam (10 years), Abraham (7 years) and Luqman (5 years) and now Diam’s new life revolves around his children. “Now I have the life of a mother, it revolves around my children: getting up in the morning, going to school, coming home, homework, etc. I’m like all moms and all moms will say it fills the day“, she confided in front of the Seven to Eight cameras.

Diam then specified: “This family is a bit like a dream even though I know we can build without (…) I’m not saying it’s one whole, but once again it’s part of this balance.” A few years ago, in the Arab News columns, she already said: “One day I realized that all that, money, success, power, doesn’t make me happy. So I sought happiness. I was very, very sad and alone, and I wondered why I was on Earth. I shouldn’t have been rich and famous, because that didn’t make me happy.“She found her happiness in her family.

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