Diddy's mother pressures Ma$e on Instagram

Diddy’s mother pressures Ma$e on Instagram

The beef goes in Diddy and Ma$e won’t be working anytime soon. Accusing his former boss of capitalizing on Biggie’s death, Murda Ma$e just came under pressure not from the Bad Boy Records mogul, but from his mother.

Diddy’s mother raised her voice

Earlier in the year, Ma$e unveiled a new clash-like title, taking aim at Diddy. the song in question, Oracle 2: Freemason Bethewent wild with the Bad Boy Records boss, accusing him of cashing in on The Notorious BIG’s death: “You’re not an architect, you’re just a jerk who knows how to make money from death. They will pay [la mère de Biggie] which is his, n****. »

While on Instagram Live, Diddy alluded to his former co-star, sending him an S/O, before his mother, nearby, reverses the process : “N/A in The LOX, Ma$e, Biggie, Busta, I’m talking about everybody on… my mom said ‘Ma$e? Yes, we still love Ma$e. There will never be anything but love. »

After these remarks, Puffy’s mother will throw herself in front of the camera, putting pressure on the artist: “Don’t play with my son. »

At least it’s clear.

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