Discover the actress like you've never seen her before, in never-before-seen pictures!

Discover the actress like you’ve never seen her before, in never-before-seen pictures!

Photo agency Getty Images offers a never-before-seen series on Marilyn Monroe. A nice way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the actress’s death on 4 August 1962.

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We think we know everything about Marilyn Monroe, have seen everything about her. Waiting for the release of the biopic blonde on netflix On September 28 and after DNA testing finally revealed who her father was, the opening of the rare and still little known archives of Getty Images reveals that there is still much to be discovered about Marilyn. An extraordinary photographic background that made it possible to produce this slideshow, 60 years after the American actress’s death, and gives us a glimpse of her childhood star (a photograph of her in 12 Years, 1938) until the 1950s, The decade in which she rose to fame. A rare photo also shows her with her first husband, James Dougherty, whom she married when she was 16. Even more dynamic, the collection provides several snapshots of Marilyn away from the limelight, such as taking a cigarette break in the New York subway or on set. joyful parade ,There is no business like show business).

Marilyn Monroe: From Model to Actress

This slideshow is an opportunity to re-immerse yourself with joy in the life and career of the incendiary blonde in photos. Like this shot from 1945 where she appears as a model for the Blue Book Model Agency in Los Angeles as Norma Jean (her real name) Dougherty. Other early career pictures, her first roles, now as Marilyn Monroe, when she was freshly divorced and hired by 20th Century-Fox in 1947. We can see them, and it’s a real rarity in movies. fight for a blonde ,Scuda Hoo! Hey Scuda!) in 1948 and Treasure Fishing ,love happy) of 1949. A period when Marilyn Monroe is still searching for herself and continues to audition, her dream especially in the theatre, as shown by a stunning photo from 1950.

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Marilyn Monroe: Rise of a Meteorite

platinum blonde since darling i feel fresh In 1952 where she appeared alongside Cary Grant and Ginger Rogers, the great actors of the time, Marilyn won her title as a movie star in the 1953 film. Niagara where she plays the lead role. Until her death on August 4, 1962, whose circumstances were still unclear, Marilyn Monroe enjoyed many box office successes such as Men Prefer Blondes, How to Marry a Millionaire Yves Montand with her then boyfriendSeven Years of Chintan, Bus Stop Or the luxurious Les Dessaux. A steady pace of work that Marilyn has trouble keeping, especially on set, despite taking tender breaks prince and dancer ,prince and show girl) with her husband Arthur Miller or during the filming of the cult film Some Like It Show (some Like It Hot) as shown by very beautiful shots.

Discover our slideshow of rare photos of Marilyn Monroe, commented by Julian RidgewayDirector of the Getty Images Archive.

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