Dorna Sports wants the speed down

The owner of the exclusive commercial and television rights of MotoGP is concerned about the increase in the speed of the machines and is now working with its engineers to find solutions that would reduce it.

These last years MotoGP continued to evolve in terms of aerodynamicswhich allowed motorcycles gain speed significantly. Although they tend to make overtaking more difficult, ailerons and the hallshot device are among the recent innovations that have played a role in pilots are increasingly breaking new records. While 350 km/h was surpassed in 2015, 360 km/h was reached in 2021 by Johann Zarka. this year, Jorge Martin even exceeded 363 km/h at Mugello, during the Italian Grand Prix. Seven years later, at the same time, the maximum speed of cars increased by 13 km/h.

La Dorna Sports wants to slow down

A situation that worries Dorna Sportsespecially in relation to cornering speed where the risk of falling increases tenfold. “I don’t think the risk is much different between 330 and 360 km/h, because in a straight line, thank God, there are very few drops. What worries me is the speed with which they go through the corners. We are thinking with our engineers to find out how reduce the speed of turns,” explained Carmelo Espeleto, general manager of Dorna Sports. To guarantee the safety of the pilots, Dorna Sports is currently working with its engineers find solutions that would reduce the speed of motorcycles.

Regardless of the teams opinion

The project which the risk of greatly displeasing the stableswhich are in the eternal search for ever faster carsbut this Carmela Espeleto will not hesitate to use force when needed. “In reality, I’m not obligated to follow any standards for 2027. With the FIM, we can set certain technical standards and if all the manufacturers present in the championship were against it, we could apply them. There is no need for unanimity about the changes for their approval,” he admitted.

Posted on 07/07/2022 Updated 07/07/2022

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