Ecaussysteme festival in Lot: the first night of this 20th edition set the audience free

Ecaussysteme festival in Lot: the first night of this 20th edition set the audience free

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After a somewhat special year with covid, the Ecaussysteme festival ignited Gignac on its first night, this Friday. Very different styles of music, but which all won the support of the public.

“I don’t know if you missed Ecaussystem, but we missed you too much. So, tonight, screw us!” Benoît Chastanet, one of the founders of the festival, shouted this Friday on the main stage in Gignac. After a somewhat unusual year with Covid-19, the Ecaussysteme festival is back in great shape. Just like his audience.

It was the Slim Paul Trio, winners of the Ecaussysteme detours springboard, that got the ball rolling for the evening. With his blues rock and opaque voice, festival goers appreciated his side, sometimes intimate, sometimes folk ballads.

The Ecaussysteme public was there for this 20th edition.
Photo by DR Elweline Lastécouères

Then the French musical group Zoufris Maracas took the stage. These 9 members introduced the public to their universe with well-dedicated songs about police violence, ecology or refugees. “If no one is recording, go shirtless! In Ginjak, more precisely, we did it with 800 spectators!”, the singer laughs. The crowd starts to rock.

“I didn’t know Ben Harper, but what a revelation!”

A change of scene and mood. Ben Harper & The Innocent Criminals kick off their one-and-a-half-hour concert with an acoustic song. Something that will amaze several thousand festival goers. With only 6 shows in France, the three Grammy Award winner was delighted to be in front of his French audience: “Thank you for being there because if you weren’t, neither would we!” [merci d’être là parce que si vous ne l’étiez pas, nous ne le serions pas non plus!]. Solo on drums or guitar, both young and old let themselves be swayed. Ben Harper performed”We need to talk about it“, a lyric about slavery. Finally, there was a freed public who followed Ben Harper dancing to “With his two hands“. At the end of the concert, the American left the audience speechless. “I didn’t know Ben Harper, but what a discovery!” exclaimed a young woman in the crowd.

“I’m here thanks to you”

The evening continued with Eddy de Pretta. It is a wave of festival visitors who approached the stage to wait for the singer. All green settings, from musical instruments to water bottles, the favorite color of the almost thirty-year-old. And once on the track, it’s the blue that almost wins: Eddy de Pretto in a dark blue shirt, just like his 5 musicians.

last night, @eddydepretto was at the festival @Ecaussysteme46, in Gignac. With its title “Snow in August”, he took the audience into his world.

– Uploading the lot (@LaDepeche46) July 30, 2022

He starts his concert with “For all the bastards“, the eponymous title of his album released in 2021. “My two albums changed my life. A lot of people told me to do this, be like this. But I never listened to them. I’m here thanks to you, and we’re doing great things together,” thanks the singer. He covers his best-known hits, as well as new ones. With “What is the purpose“, that’s the moved crowd following Eddy de Prett. Cigarette lighters and phone flashes are turned off. He ends his concert leaving festival goers as amazed as they are overexcited.

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Around 2 am, Rémois Vladimir Cauchemar electrified the crowd. The DJ, hidden behind his mask, remixed Adèle or even Benny Benassi and his title “Satisfaction”, but also his own sounds.

An extraordinary success for this first evening of the 20the edition of the Ecaussysteme festival. An encouraging sign for other festivities.

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