Episode 8 of Season 3 of "The Orville" is a full mini-movie and feature film.

Episode 8 of Season 3 of “The Orville” is a full mini-movie and feature film.

Every once in a while, every long-running TV series has a “filler episode” or even sometimes called a “bottle episode”—but not when they’re usually on a tight budget. are produced and limited in their scope to use as few regular crew members, effects, and sets as possible – this week was not exactly the case.

However, this week felt like a giant melting pot, with an impressive budget and a near-feature, or mini-movie, episode blending almost everything together. At one hour and 26 minutes, that’s an impressive length for a single television episode; “THX 1138” is only 88 minutes long, “Silent Running” is 89 minutes and “Invasion of the Body Snatchers” (1956) is 80 minutes long.

Yes, “The Orville” The Season 3 finale is set to go down in full force, so a momentary pause before the full plunge is to be expected, or at least, quite normal. And that’s what this episode looks like. There’s still plenty to be entertained and we’ll get to that, but this week is full of high-speed chases, emotional turmoil, torture, escapes, close combat, reunions and yes, Dolly Parton.

We begin this episode by revisiting the life of young Topa (Imani Pullam). Lieutenant Commander. Bortus (Peter Macon) believes in Cmdr. Kelly Grayson (Adrian Palicki), telling her that ever since Clayden (Chad L. Coleman) is gone, Topa has had a hard time opening up about her personal feelings, which is a good conclusion to the episode — but We’ll get to that later on Heavenly. She admits to having feelings for someone she knows and Grayson suggests that she should tell that person how she feels. It’s actually Lieutenant Gordon Malloy (Scott Grimes), who makes for a very entertaining engineering exchange.

It’s been almost a year since the Planetary Union granted protective status to Hevina (Rayna Owen) and her refugee colony Moklan, as we saw in the second season episode “Sanctuary” (S02, E12) and as recently Hinted at “A Tale Off”. Two Topas ”(S03, E05). According to the agreement, the Council of the Union and the government of Moklan have the right to conduct an annual inspection of the colony to ensure that both parties comply with the terms of the agreement. Acquainted with Orville’s history and the colony, Admiral Halsey (Victor Garber) appoints Commanders Grayson and Bortus to represent the Union. So, we’re revisiting the story for what could be the Kylon-themed season finale.

We see the classic utopian little colony, which is “Stargate SG1” and . familiar in the series like “Star Trek: The Next Generation”, and young Topa can meet Havina in person and peruse her impressive shrine dedicated to Dolly Parton. You may recall that in the episode “Sanctuary”, Havina is introduced to Dolly Parton’s music by Captain Ed Mercer (Seth MacFarlane) and is called “a great Terran poet” in the vein of typical MacFarlane humor.

Everything seems to be going well… Then Haveena goes to Topa and convinces him to join her work. Indeed, despite oversight intended to ensure that both parties honor the agreement, Havina did not; Despite the potential risk of putting everyone at risk, she continued to smuggle Moklan women from the Moklas. Besides the fact that everything is implemented in this pane including sync, this part looks weirdly fake. Not only is Hevina taking a huge risk, but Reena Owen’s speech looks like a propaganda ploy. It’s unclear whether this was intentional or not, and clearly, we were hoping, as it could have added a whole new layer to the story. But alas it was not so.

According to insider information (opens in a new tab), this episode was one of many that had scheduling restrictions and conflicts due to Covid-19 and the presence of three pregnant co-stars. So it’s more than likely why this particular episode doesn’t live up to the same extraordinarily high standard as the rest of the third season.

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After agreeing to help disseminate the information, Topa quietly walks away from the camp and is kidnapped by Moklan soldiers who were also in the vicinity as part of the inspection. Again, this could have been part of a (clever, but slightly twisted and therefore more interesting) counter-intelligence operation by Havina, which actually planned and countered the capture of young Topa. But alas it did not happen.

Instead, Orville gets involved and Havina confesses to breaking the deal. The Planetary Union steps in – because they have to – and insists that she testify at a hearing where evidence of the kidnapping will also be presented. Meanwhile, Gryyson and Bortus take their shuttle and attempt to hunt down the kidnappers from Moclan.

Mercer tries to persuade Havina by rebuilding Dolly Parton’s cabin, along with country music veteran, at Holosuite. In addition to a short, age-old CGI, it’s a truly sensational singer and songwriter who shares deep knowledge and eventually convinces Havina to agree to talk to the members of the Planetary Union Council… and we have a Once again the situation is similar to this episode “Sanctuary”. It is now up to Grayson and Bortus to rescue young Topa, who is being tortured in a secret underground facility.

Moments before his rescue, there is an awkward moment between Grayson and Bortus, and it is interesting that Bordas does not kill the battle-scarred Moklan, who tortures the young Topa. A few seconds before our brave heroes storm the cell where he is being held prisoner, he confirms that he now has the name of the Sanctuary contact on the Moklan and Encryption frequencies. It remains to be seen whether we will return to this point in a later episode.

Fortunately, they manage to rescue him, resulting in a chase between the fleeing Union Shuttle and the three disengaged fighters. And just in time, they introduce the beaten and tortured little girl Mochlan to the board of the Planetary Union. Everything is more or less resolved – at least as much as possible – and then, in perhaps the most poignant moment of the episode, Clydon (Chad L. Coleman) returns and even lets Grayson eat at his table. invites to, which is the opposite. Happened a few weeks ago.

Since the last Kylon attack on Earth, the Planetary Union fleet has undergone some upgrades, including the first collaboration between Krill technology and human technology, resulting in fighters like these Wraith Stinger. First seen in the first episode of this season, “Electric Sheep” (S03, E01). Also, Orville, Isaac and Timmis (Christopher Larkin) now have two Kylon riders on board… Will this affect next week’s departure? We will find out soon.


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