“Even though I'm the biggest, I'm not the social worker either!  »

“Even though I’m the biggest, I’m not the social worker either! »

Dimitri Payet was at a press conference yesterday. Inevitably he returned to OM’s topicality at the start of the season, but also to his particular role as the biggest in the dressing room. Do you feel invested with the duty to propagate a peaceful discourse to your partners? Your answer…

“I also have my personal performances to manage”

“It’s what I’ve been trying to do for two years. I try to pick myself up a bit and handle situations that may seem difficult or even the mini-crises we may have. But I think we have a healthy group and when you have that, it’s easier to manage. I also have my own personal actions to manage even though I am the biggest, nor am I the social worker who says “I will solve all the problems in the locker room! “I think we’re big boys. Even if there are frictions, he’s part of a group. We have to say things to each other, that’s how we’ll move forward.” Dimitri Payet – Source: Press conference

To review the Marseille captain’s full press conference:

“Dimitri Payet never asked to see the president”

“The group is working well anyway. We work very hard. But yes, we have the same atmosphere as last year. Everything is fine. (…) Dimitri Payet never asked to see the president. There is no meeting requested, neither by me nor by any player. Pablo Longoria came to see us to take stock of the preparation, what he expected from us and the goals of the season. I know Dimitri Payet is selling. They tried to destabilize us, but internally everything is clear. » Dimitri Payet – Press conference (08/05/2022)

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