Faced with his physical limitations, Pope Francis did not rule out resignation

Faced with his physical limitations, Pope Francis did not rule out resignation

On the papal plane that brought him back from Canada, Francis acknowledged that he could no longer travel at the same pace as before.

After a trip of a few days to Canada, where he apologized to the indigenous communities, Pope Francis, 85, did not close the door to a resignation in the face of his own physical limitations .

Reduced by severe knee pain that forces him to move in a wheelchair, the sovereign pontiff believes that he will no longer be able to “travel” at the same pace as before, also mentioning the possibility of “rejecting himself”.

“I do not believe that I can continue the same pace of travel as before. I believe that at my age, and with these limitations, I must conserve my strength to serve the Church, or on the contrary consider the possibility to reject me”, he declared in a press conference on the plane that brought him back from his trip to Canada, last night from Friday to Saturday.

A possible trip to kyiv

The daily The cross assured for his part that François declared that “the door is open” regarding the option of withdrawal. While making sure, as indicated by the Catholic news agency, that God will decide. “It will depend on what the Lord says. The Lord can ask me to resign. The Lord will decide.”

“In all honesty, it’s not a disaster. We can change the Pope. It’s not a problem. But I think I have to limit myself a bit, with these efforts,” added the pope to reporters. upon his election in 2013.

The Argentine pontiff also renewed his desire to go to kyiv, without further details, and confirmed the plan to travel to Kazakhstan in September, to participate in a summit of senior religious leaders.

With Jules Fresard with AFP

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