father and son do not let each other down

father and son do not let each other down

Cookie Dingler’s father was a surveyor. Its offices, located not far from the Place de Bordeaux, in Strasbourg, have been transformed by an inspired architect into a superb duplex with access to a beautiful garden.

A clean and pleasant hidden house, neatly decorated, for which the singer left his lively district of Krutenau. There is a grand piano in the living room, an opportunity for musical evenings for the privileged few – who knew that most of the Cookie Dingler repertoire was never recorded?

Tom Dingler is passing through Strasbourg for a friend’s wedding, here’s an opportunity this July 15 to catch them together. Sitting next to each other on the terrace, their resemblance is striking. They have the same build, the same hair, almost the same way of standing. They talk about themselves and their origins with similar detachment. The son is more talkative than the father. And they vibrate in the same way when they evoke what binds them.

“Kid, I don’t…

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