Ivan Moody, chanteur de Five Finger Death Punch, révèle qu'il n'est pas d'accord avec le message politique du clip de Living The Dream

Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody reveals that he disagrees with the political message of the Living The Dream music video

Five Finger Death Punch vocalist Ivan Moody has revealed that he doesn’t agree with the band’s music video for Living The Dream.

The band’s guitarist Zoltan Bathory designed the title clip, which was released in October 2020 and drew criticism for being perceived as “anti-masking”.

Shortly after the video was released, Bathory defended himself against the backlash the video received, saying, among other things: “The mask segments deal with hypocrisy at the highest level. When the rules are made for you, but those who make them are exempt… This is pretty much the norm in all dictatorships and totalitarian regimes (I had the displeasure of growing up in one), hence the reference.”

In the new issue no A metal hammerMoody revealed that the music video created tension between him and Bathory.

He explained: “I came for two days and Zoltan told me to run in the grass, screaming and holding an American flag, so I was curious to see the outcome. Then when he released it, I called him and said, ‘You put your vision into Five Finger Death Punch, and now I’m going to have to answer for it, because I’m the singer.’ And it ended up being a crappy fart in the middle of the church!”

He continued: “There was the mask thing and the silliness of the whole thing… That’s what he visualized, but I didn’t have that in mind when I wrote it. For those who understood, that’s great. And for those who didn’t understand, sorry, I didn’t agree either. I love Zoltan to death, that’s his opinion, but there will never be another video like that with my name on it.”

Hungarian-born Bathory also addressed the video in the same interview recently published by Metal Hammer, saying: “Obviously this video has caused quite a stir, and I really don’t want to start another ‘shit storm’ about it. But it was about the obvious hypocrisy of what was happening. Rulers can do this or that, but the people can’t! As a group, we kind of withdrew from politics; that was our last political comment. People got it wrong and we got accused of the worst shit.”

The backlash from the video didn’t seem to hurt the song’s popularity, as Living the Dream continued the band’s string of hits. The song topped the Billboard Mainstream Rock chart, becoming the second of four hits from the F8 album.

Meanwhile, Five Finger Death Punch will release their new album, AfterLife, on August 19 via Better Noise Music.

The group has so far released the title track, along with IOU, Welcome To The Circus and Times Like These from the upcoming album.

Five Finger Death Punch – Living the Dream:

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