Foot OL - OL: Humiliated by a loved one, Aulas was going to leave everything!  - Olympique Lyonnais

Foot OL – OL: Humiliated by a loved one, Aulas was going to leave everything! – Olympique Lyonnais

Still president of OL, Jean-Michel Aulas no longer has the purse strings since the arrival of John Textor.

The American investor bought the shares of IDG and Pathé in Olympique Lyonnais, becoming the largest majority shareholder of the Rhone club. A coming that relieved Jean-Michel Aulas, especially financially. Very affected by the departure of Jérôme Seydoux, head of Pathé, the OL president thought of leaving everything shortly before the arrival of John Textor as the messiah. On air at RMC, journalist Gilbert Brisbois has indeed revealed that “JMA” had been greatly affected by the sudden departure of one of its historical friends and that without the arrival of John Textor, it might have dropped the reigns of Olympique Lyonnais.

Classrooms very affected by Seydoux’s departure

“John Textor will monitor what happens at OL, he will evaluate everything, including Jean-Michel Aulas. I’m curious to see how Aulas behaves, will he continue to make his usual outings on the referees, on the opponents, with the assurance that he had before? All of this is important. We talked about it in June, Jean-Michel Aulas was tired and almost stopped everything. He was about to call it quits and finding John Textor somehow revived him. To go into detail, Jean-Michel Aulas experienced the departure of Jérôme Seydoux very badly, the separation was very violent. Seydoux didn’t even call Jean-Michel Aulas to tell him he was coming, even though they had been partners for more than 20 years.” launched the historic presenter of After Foot, whose revelations will not fail to make Olympique Lyonnais fans react. The latter now approach the future with more serenity thanks to the financial power of John Textor, who for example made it possible to recover Alexandre Lacazette and Corentin Tolisso.

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