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Good news for Belgian Kpop fans! The Korean Cultural Center in Belgium organized a free K-pop training.

This year the K-Pop Academy celebrates its 7th anniversary, and it is organized around a special concept, which is ‘K-pop reinterpreted by the Belgians’. Previously, participants could learn K-POP dance and singing techniques from teachers sent from Korea.

Belgium - Free K-pop training at the Korean Cultural Center 1

But this year, the participants are working with K-pop Academy alumni instead of professional dance coaches from Korea. The first participants of the K-pop academy, which was launched in 2016, have now become lecturers for K-pop dance classes.

Korean Cultural Center Belgium

Professional Belgian K-POP instructors active in Belgium train participants during the month of August at Glacières de Saint-Gilles, with a total of 80 places, from 12 to 40 years old.

The academy offers free classes only to students who have signed up for a total of 4 classes, 2 beginner dance classes (morning and afternoon classes) and 2 advanced dance classes (morning and afternoon classes). in the afternoon). The program consists of two primary classes and two secondary classes of dance lessons.

Belgium - Free K-pop training at the Korean Cultural Center

The “K-pop Academy”, which has been held online for the past two years due to the pandemic, is being held face-to-face this year.

During the last week of the academy, a K-POP flash-mob prepared by instructors and students will also take place in the city center in a park in Brussels on August 27.

Belgium free K-pop training at the Korean Cultural Center

The K-Pop Academy is a special educational program organized by the Korean Cultural Center every summer for Belgians and residents living in Belgium who love K-Pop for 4 weeks, starting from the 1st edition of 2016. The academy consists of a singing course and a dance course.

flashmob K-POP Brussels

Students can not only improve their K-pop vocal and dance skills for 4 weeks, but also participate in a workshop to experience Korean culture such as Korean calligraphy, pansori, taekwondo and more.

Belgium Brussels Free K-Pop Training Korean Cultural Center

◌︎ Program details:

  • Date: August 1 – August 27 (4 weeks)
  • Duration: Monday to Friday, 2 hours (every day)
  • Level: beginner/advanced
  • Location: Studio Vibes (Rue de la Glacière 16, 1060 Bruxelles)
  • Participants: 20 (each class)
  • Graduation on September 4
  • Center address: Rue de la Régence, 4 1000 Brussels – Belgium

What do you think about this type of training?

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