Frontignan: when Stromae shoots his latest clip in the beach district

Frontignan: when Stromae shoots his latest clip in the beach district

Singer Stromae released his latest music video “Mon amour” on Wednesday, July 27th. All pictures were taken at Villa Miramar in Frontignan-plage.

The secret was well kept. Even today, Mickaël Zaragoza, owner of the Villa Miramar guesthouse in Frontignan-plage, is particularly proud to have welcomed such a prestigious artist. Indeed, for three days, between June 20 and 22, it was no less than the singer Stromae, accompanied by the singer Camila Cabello and several actors who came to record the entire video of the song. Belgian genius, My Love.

Agreement with confidentiality clause

The owner of the bar was contacted by production some time ago. “They came to visit and really enjoyed the place”, recalls Mickaël Saragosa. The contract was then signed. And it included a confidentiality clause stipulating that the establishment could communicate about Stromae’s arrival only from the time the tape was released.

The guest house was filmed there from all angles

Video support was released on Wednesday, July 27 across all platforms. The Frontignan guesthouse, which once hosted Carole Bouquet, is filmed from all angles. In these sequences, the site of Frontignan-plage is home to a love story that ends badly as a young woman, deceived, follows on their heels. In a video on his YouTube account, Stromae explained that he considers this song a “kind of a joke. It’s quite a light thing, we don’t take anything seriously”.

A tribute to reality TV

To add to the superficial side of the song, the music video is modeled entirely on reality TV principles. Hot guys (including Stromae with bodybuilder breasts), beautiful girls, very tanned and oiled bodies, pool games, bodybuilding: all codes are respected. Each of the actors with their names brightly written at the bottom of the screen even walks in front of the famous green screen. It strongly resembles, very strongly, programs that my mother strictly forbade me to name here.

Almost planetary exposure

Nevertheless, the ten participants in this clip, not to mention the members of the film crew, must have had fun following all the tricks of these reality TV programs. With a huge community of fans following Stromae, Villa Miramar in Frontignano, even if not mentioned, benefits from almost planetary media exposure. Excellent, as the Belgian singer would say.

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