Ghostbusters Quiz: 11 Questions About Movies To See If You're The Best Ghostbuster!  - Movies News

Ghostbusters Quiz: 11 Questions About Movies To See If You’re The Best Ghostbuster! – Movies News

As Ghostbusters prepares to drop the Netflix catalog, we took the opportunity to make a short quiz on this cult comedy by Evan Reitman. Can you answer all 11 questions without slipping on the mud?

Attention Ghostbusters and Bill Murray fans! We know many of you. You grew up with this great comedy by Ivan Reitman which is also full of action sequences. You discovered Sigourney Weaver in a different light then Alien. In short, you just want to jump back in time to be part of a gang of ghost hunters. We understand you.

Even though special effects took an old (small) form almost 40 years later, it should be remembered that they were almost revolutionary for the time. Richard Edlund, best known for his work on Star Wars and Poltergeist, was hired for the job.

While we tell you behind the scenes of the special effects, will you be able to pass the special ghost hunter quiz?

Poltergeist was also used as a reference for the design of the ghosts in the film. One of the producers explained at the time how difficult it was to find the right balance between “real” and “authentic” representations of ghosts and that the tone of the film clearly turned to comedy.

Steve Johnson, special effects artist, created the iconic boufe-tout. A realization that cost him six months of work and nearly $300,000. As for the legendary marshmallow bibendum, it’s a combination of Michelin bibendum and the Pillsbury Duffboy, the mascot of the famous American food company Pillsbury Company. It was created by special effects artist Bill Bryan, who flipped over for the shots. As for his approach, a little strange, he was inspired by a certain Godzilla …

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