Gianni Longo mad at Marion Russe?

Gianni Longo mad at Marion Russe?

The talk that accompanies the grand return of the women’s Tour de France is not to the liking of Jeanie Longo, a three-time winner of the event.

If she lost some sleep in the nights leading up to the big start, Marion Rousset is relishing it: she’s starting the women’s Tour de France. A dream come true for the director of this feminine Grande Boucle shared between “happiness and pride”. According to her, women’s cycling has really entered a new era thanks to the Tour. ” When I was a little girl, it was impossible for me to dream of one day riding the Tour de France, but ladies, that dream is finally possible for you “, she confided after her appointment as head of the event this fall.

Still, despite the little music played around this ladies’ Tour of France, it’s not the first. The Tour de France really already exists. After the first attempt in 1955, six editions took place between 1984 and 1989, the last three by Gianni Longo. The former runner doesn’t appreciate us forgetting that this is reincarnation. ” It should be clear because it’s been a few weeks since I heard that this is the first Tour de France for women and it’s not very respectful to those who have already raced it, to the winners like Marianne Martin, Maria Canins or myself. We noted cycling and it’s a bit sad “, she confided in the columns of Parisians.

On Sunday, however, Iséroise was invited to the Champs-Élysées to receive the first yellow jersey of this new tour. A symbol to which Marion Ruse was attached. But the former Olympic champion almost disappointed her. ” At one point before I went there, I got a little nervous. Why go to the Champs-Élysées? If you have to play a doll…, she boomed. I was angry to hear old pros say that cycling is something else now. We also climbed Granon, Isoard, all the mythical passes. To delete all this is as if we did not recognize Bernard Hinault or Bernard Thevenet.»

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