Guillermo del Toro and Tom Cruise's monstrous nightmare lost forever(?)

Guillermo del Toro and Tom Cruise’s monstrous nightmare lost forever(?)

Cinema is full of abandoned projects, but none makes horror fans cry as much as Majestic mountains of madness by Guillermo del Toro.

Guillermo del Toro is a rake customer, so much so that legend says he almost converted to gardening—and that an entire file was devoted to returning del Toro’s abandoned projects. but apart from hell boy 3, silent Hillsor manga adaptation Demon, No one inspires many wild fantasies and hopes mountains of madnessAdaptation of the eponymous short novel by the revered Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Back to this development nightmare, which even Tom Cruise and James Cameron couldn’t pull off from the clutches of Great Old Studios.

No, this picture is of Hellboy. Amazing isn’t it?


It all started in 2006. If he still has evidence to prove, Guillermo del Toro is a director on the ups and downs in the studio circuit. Despite the relative failure of hell boyThe filmmaker is still widely regarded as the main driver of success. Blade IIand it just turned out pan’s Labyrinth, another success that cemented his artistic reputation with an Oscar nomination and a Cannes premiere. Guillermo del Toro has proved that he is as much at home in an industrial machine selling popcorn as he is in an auteur movie.

Realizing a little more elbow room, he decides to knock on the studio’s door with a project that’s personal and at the same time with the realm of “the general public”: an adaptation of crazy mountain By Cosmic Horror writer Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Reputed to be unappealing and almost unsuitable, this project is gold in the bar for a filmmaker of del Toro’s caliber, in the midst of pulp adventure and unspeakable horror. Sprinkle everything with some monsters.

Hellboy: photo, Karel RodenRuins in a snowy mountain, a secret rite and evil traps: you’re still at the climax of Hellboy

mountains of madness Tells the story of a scientific expedition to Antarctica that went wrong in the early 1930s. And a huge mountain range, higher than the Himalayas. Within it lies a vast abandoned city (or not), which may hold the key to the origin of the world and humanity… But not all secrets are good to find, and an evil Shogoth may well get it in his head to destroy all these beautiful people.

If all the geeks in the world are licking their chops, on the other hand, for a studio, the project is pretty much a risk-taker on paper: no romance, a story that ends badly, R-rated violence, a long Duration and scenery that promises to be very (very) expensive with snow and historical re-enactments. Although del Toro has a script ready to shoot, At first, the interested Warner gets scared in the face of the announced budget of $ 150 million (equivalent all the same casino Royale same year) and retreats. Del Toro leaves to devote himself Hellboy II: The Cursed Golden Legions and development of The HobbitAnd the project is buried for the first time.

Mountains of Madness: photo Famous Mountains Visited by Mangaka Gau Tanabes

i’m not crazy

Fast forward to 2010, and as Blier said, prepare your tissues: here comes the real trauma. Unlike 2006, this year del Toro has not been badly damaged. mixed public reception of Hellboy II: The Cursed Golden Legions Convinced the financiers to drop the third film despite a better box office than the first, while he was forced to leave. hobbit — which certainly comes across as a blessing in disguise, given the calamitous reputation of the outcome and the behind-the-scenes atmosphere on the trilogy. In short, Guillermo del Toro isn’t doing well in 2010, but he caught the eye of a Good Samaritan: James Cameron.

Big Jim just came out Avatar, and he is the king of the world at that time. Thrilled with del Toro’s project and convinced he has shoulders for the project, James Cameron acts as the guarantor and becomes the producer of the film. Everything is speeding up: through him, an agreement is reached with Universal, still for $ 150 million and filming in 3D. On the special effects side, it’s the great ILM that comes forward to design and animate the great vintage and shoggoth as well as model making.

Abyss: photo, Mary Elizabeth MastrantonioLike a little wind of Lovecraft in Cameron’s Abyss, no?

but above all, The producers and directors manage to convince one mega-star: Tom Cruise. Although in a trough at the time (cinema and people), the actor remains one of the biggest names in Hollywood. Attracted by the physical challenge ahead, he seeks the lead role, and according to the words of James Cameron in an interview for mtv In February 2011, the agreement has almost been ratified. The producer even makes an announcement to start filming in June or July 2011. Everyone is happy… except after a month everything is falling apart.

Despite all these safety measures being put together and the design elements finalized, Universal refuses to greenlight a $150 million budget unless del Toro agrees to move from R-rated to PG-13, even if he has committed to the said R-rated. The filmmaker declined, and on March 7, 2011, the site Criterion Cast Contact del Toro himself by email to find out where the film is. It sends a one-word response, which speaks for itself: “dead”, In another message received the same day New YorkerHe hardly elaborates further: “The mountains sank. Rated R planted us”, Two days later, on March 9, 2011, the production of Pacific Rim Legendary has been launched, and everyone is moving on.

The Mummy: Photo, Tom CruiseTom Cruise will finally find his “dark” Indiana Jones in The Mummy. Owl.


or approx. Because Guillermo del Toro hasn’t really let the matter get into his head yet and intends to re-set the studio to attack the hallucinogenic mountains Pacific Rim, Unfortunately, despite his tenacity, luck remains and a year later, it is the last nail in the coffin. In April 2012, a film was released with a familiar synopsis. very. It is about an expedition launched into unexplored lands, which explores a vast city built by creatures from elsewhere and that hides the mystery of the origins of humanity and ugly childish aliens, who seek to destroy a troop of explorers. I take a deadly pleasure. The only difference is that the film takes place in space. Your PTSD comes back here, doesn’t it?

prometheus Already hated by everyone (except for a few sick pigs that were delivered through the wrong stash still tolerated in Ekran Large), yet another reason to hate it if you missed it Is. Don’t thank us, it’s a gift. In fact, Prometheus is thematically and narratively very close to Mountains of Madness, And when Guillermo del Toro discovers Ridley Scott’s work (sic) decides to throw in the towel, So that indirectly killed Lovecraft’s adaptation. And so under the smoky eyes of Guillermo del Toro passes the glory of the world.

Prometheus: Photo Engineeroh no you huh no!!

But, ten years later, in December 2021, a spark has reigned. As Guillermo del Toro tells the full story of the film podcast kingcastHe states that he would still be interested in completing the project, but under another incarnation:

“I no longer do the script I wrote 15 years ago, so I have to rewrite it. Not only to make it shorter, but also because at the time I was trying to fit it through the studio machinery. Make it a “Blockbuster”. I might go for a more cryptic, weird and short version to put back deleted scenes.

I’m no longer hungry for some of the bigger sets, for example, that I’ve already explored. I feel like I want to go in a strange direction. I know some elements will remain. I know the ending we have is, in my opinion, one of the most disturbing and intriguing endings, and there are four scary things that I love. I always get a call from Don Murphy every six months, “Are we going to do this or not? Are you going to do this next or what?” And I reply: “I should take the time to rewrite it”. ,

Lovecraft Country: Pictureswe need life

It is interesting from a filmmaker who has signed a contract with a certain Netflix for several years … Meanwhile, Lovecraft is still as rare in the cinema, and that’s a shame. If you missed it, though, we recommend you take a look the color that fell from the sky Aside, with Nicolas Cage by Richard Stanley bloodborneOr an ear for the music of Sulfur Aeon and The Great Old Ones, whose album tekeli-ltd is completely devoted crazy mountain,


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