his ex-wife accuses him of hiding $20 million

his ex-wife accuses him of hiding $20 million

Pronounced close to doom, xzibit in the end he would again and again enjoy pleasant wealth.

Xzibit still full of aces?

Believing that divorce is in between xzibit and his soon-to-be ex-wife, Krista Joiner, could quickly take a radical turn. When the rapper accuses his ex of trying to get the rest of his savings out of him, Joiner confirms to the contrary that he’s an interpreter X hides great wealth. At any rate, that’s what these official documents reported by TMZ suggest. In these writings, Joiner explains that he is a former host of the show Pimp My Ride is not telling the whole truth about his income, in order to limit the amount of child support currently in play.

More specifically, Krista Joiner explains that Xzibit’s brother would make a million dollars every month thanks to the businesses that the artist started in the cannabis industry… sums that he would hide in a huge coffers. Xzibit would hide no less than 20 million dollars. For his part, X towards Z does not change his discourse, asserting himself again and again almost without money: “I’m trying to make ends meet because I have to fulfill my role as a public figure, cover my expenses and provide for my son’s needs. »

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