his videos never fail to make Spaniards laugh

his videos never fail to make Spaniards laugh

SPAIN – But what’s in his head? A young influencer had the strange idea of ​​showing himself on the TikTok platform, dancing happily in front of the flames spreading behind him.

The videos you will discover at the top of this article angered the Spaniards, who considered them out of place. ” This world escaped me », « I am so ashamed to live in a society that is more fearful and fearful », « The dystopian world arrived sooner than expected “, we can read on Twitter, where these reshared videos have been viewed more than three million times.

220,000 hectares went up in smoke

Such a game is not going well in Spain, as the country has been plagued by severe fires this summer. According to data provided by the Spanish Ministry of Ecological Transition, at least 220,000 hectares have burned this year. This is three times more than the average recorded in the last ten years. The northwest of the country has been particularly affected, especially the province of Ourense where new fire outbreaks have been recorded in recent hours.

For his part, facing the controversy, the influencer with 280,000 subscribers finally decided to remove the videos.

This is not the first time that influencers have been outraged by videos that are unethical and lack common sense. In October 2021, Jayne Rivera, an American TikTokeuse, caused a stir by posing in front of the still open casket of her late father. No comments.

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