How Facebook censors the music video of a French group that defends the freedom of women

How Facebook censors the music video of a French group that defends the freedom of women

At the beginning of July, duo from Toulouse Anadjoh released the first excerpt from their new album, which will be released in September. “I will liberate” is a hymn to women and their freedoms. The group releases a music video and advertises on Facebook. A few days later it was censored for “political content”.

Next September, the Toulouse duo’s second EP (mini-album) should be released on streaming platforms. To announce this release, Johanna and Christophe Dorso released the first excerpt of “I will liberate”. Often, artists have produced dedicated work that pays tribute to women and their freedoms. Freedom thwarted by the Facebook network, which decided to stop the promotion of the clip.

“Political content” is the reason given by the American giant for removing the advertisement from the clip. This song could affect the voting and the course of the election!

The Anadjoh group believed that this track and this clip would find new fans. So they set out to defend that title by paying for Facebook advertising. And it works. The post has been noticed and hundreds of people are asking to get in touch with the group.

After 4 days, the social network informs Johanna and Christophe Dorso that the ad has been rejected and stopped with this message: “Your ad may have been blocked because it mentions political figures or concerns sensitive social issues that may affect public opinion, citizen voting, election results or the future of the law under study”. That’s all!

The two artists were taken aback. “We had 150 contacts a day, that’s huge for us, says singer Johanna Dorso. Facebook’s algorithm refuses to repost the clip and the ad is blocked. Wow can I influence the vote or the course of the election? It’s a great honor for me!”

The same ironic feeling with his companion Christophe Dors. “I live with a woman who has the power to change the world…Stronger than Captain America and Wonder Woman combined!”

In order to unblock this censorship, the network invites duo Anadjoh to answer a questionnaire. “I start to fill it, says Johanna and when confirming I read: be careful if you press OK you will be cataloged as an activist or a political party. I didn’t want to be labeled as a feminist activist so I didn’t click. I then reposted a new ad without the 2 problematic sentences in the text. Ads are included, but strangely they don’t have any views. It doesn’t work even though I was paying Facebook €3 a day, which isn’t expensive by the way.”

So what is so subversive about this song?

Since its creation, the group Anadjoh has always been militant and dedicated to several causes: disability with the song “Why”, violence against women with “From Hell”, or even brotherhood and tolerance (I want to be happy). “I will release” is therefore fine. “To stay in the dynamics of disability, I wrote this song. In the US, abortion is being questioned and doctors will no longer have the right to warn American women when their fetus is malformed. We must have the choice to decide whether or not to keep a child with disability. It’s important to say that.”

Johanna and Christophe Dorso know the question perfectly well because they have a disabled child.

In the clip, we hear the voice of Simone Veil for the first time during her speech in the National Assembly in defense of her abortion law in 1974.I chose the passage where she is not talking about abortion, but when she states that she is addressing an all-male crowd. It recognizes the fact that society revolves around men, and women are often just objects.”

Israeli-American actress Nathalie Portman also gets involved. She dedicated her career to several causes and revealed what happened during her first film role in Luc Besson’s “Léon”. The actress was only 13 years old at the time and when the film came out, she received a lot of letters. The first was a man who described how he was going to rape her, a 13-year-old child. Most of the other letters were on the same tenor.

Iréne Monteiro, Minister for Gender Equality also explains that there is too much sexism in Spain. Finally Emma Watson completes the multitude of women we hear in this clip shot in a room in the Saint-Cyprien district of Toulouse.

“I started with the song “Silence” by Rhita Benjelloun, which I changed a little. Then I wrote this work. I thank my father and husband for never letting me feel that I am not, I am just a woman. a woman who can’t stand being put down because she’s a woman.”

A piece included in the text so that the liberties thus gained do not disappear, the title is very well musically produced between gospel, slam and lyric. An ode to a woman who refuses to be discriminated against.

We’ve all experienced sexist things, it’s intolerable and we’re conditioned to it, we know it’s going to happen. Feminist has become a big, bigoted word. I’m not a feminist because I’m not against men.

Johanna Dorso, artist duo Anadjoh from Toulouse

A new 5 track EP will be released next September. Despite that – or maybe thanks to this censorship – the video is currently approaching 10,000 views, which is almost a record for Anadjoh. The duo from Toulouse have also just passed the milestone of 1,000 subscribers on Facebook.

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