How much does the MotoGP Grand Prix pay?

How much does the MotoGP Grand Prix pay?

Estimated economic benefits of the track in Jerez in 2022

12.6 million euros for media advertising alone

How much does the MotoGP Grand Prix pay?This is a good question. While sporting events regularly demonstrate their attendance, few mention the financial aspect. But, as you can imagine, these events are organized not only for the beauty of the sport.

Research by communications consultancy JPMedia helps us see the Jerez de la Frontera circuit more clearly.

Since 1989, the Spanish circuit has hosted the Spanish MotoGP Grand Prix and tens of thousands of fans, except in 2020 and 2021, when the two editions were held behind closed doors. In addition to entry tickets, the benefits of which are easy to calculate, all other economic benefits, such as hotel reservations, food costs or even media benefits, must be taken into account.

Because any article published in the press is evaluated by agencies in EVP or equivalent advertising value. In other words, how much the brand or scheme had to spend on advertising to have the same visibility. This EVP is calculated per environment and per impact. EVP on TV on a channel that has one million viewers will definitely be higher than on web media that has 1 million visitors per month and higher than on a website with 100,000 visitors per month. This executive vice president remains virtual, as the media is not paid to speak, write or produce a program on the subject. And the GP promoter is also not affected by the money directly related to this TEU, as it pays itself, in particular, for the TV broadcasting rights and entrance tickets.

JPMedia focused exclusively on media coverage. Looking at press, online press, radio and television, the firm estimates that the 2022 MotoGP Spanish Grand Prix brought in €12.6 million in TEU. It is even 12,592,141 euros which are caused by extrapolation of advertising rates applicable in different media.

These estimated amounts are distributed as follows according to media: €6.89 million for Internet, €2.56 million for TV, €2.47 million for press and €675,509 for radio.

In total, no less than 6,514 race-related topics were published over the weekend, including 5,354 online, 836 in print, 175 on radio and 149 on television. These various items would affect 802.5 million people.

Next weekend the top class drivers will travel to Mugello for the Italian Grand Prix. Of course, there should be fans there too.

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