"I educated them": Keen'V confides to his companion's children

“I educated them”: Keen’V confides to his companion’s children

Keen’V has never hidden his desire to be a dad. In the daily newspaper La Provence, the singer returns to his desire for fatherhood and entrusts his role as “stepfather” to the children of his companion.

For more than ten years, Keen’V has made the whole of France dance with his hits. In 2008, he became famous with his title Horizontally. Then a few years later, the singer achieved real success I would like to, Tahiti or Tell me yes. In total, the singer accumulates ten albums and continues to make thousands of people dance even though he has had a difficult time in his career due to the cancellation of his tour.

If Keen’V always shows a big smile through his music, he still hides a lot of suffering. That you’re not a dad. In a relationship of fifteen years, the singer has already spoken about her infertility in a report 50′ inside : “At first, you don’t think it’s fair that you don’t have them in real life. You don’t think it’s fair and then make up your mind. You tell yourself you shouldn’t have… And then in real life, you think. Maybe I’ll adopt. If I really feel like I’m missing out one day, I’ll adopt“, he revealed.

Keen’V, an adoptive father

In a daily interview Provence posted this Saturday, July 30th, Keen’V brings no taboos about fatherhood: “I have no problem with that. I already mentioned it on the radio. After this discovery, I received many private messages from men who told me that they felt like outcasts and did not dare to talk about it.

If he does not have his own children at the moment, Keen’V takes care of the two children of his companion with whom he has been with for more than 15 years: “My wife has two children, I educated them, now they are adults. As if I did. And then, I have a furious rhythm: I was only home for five days last month. In this case, adoption would be almost selfish..”

In his next album diamond which was last July 8, Keen’V talks about his infertility in a song titled not dad. A powerful title to share with his fans on stage.

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