Marko Hietala craque et quitte Nightwish : "Je me retire totalement de la vie publique"

“I realized that if I didn’t change something, I would get sicker and sicker”

In January 2021, former Nightwish member Marko Hietala announced that he was leaving the symphonic metal band and retiring from “public life”.

About a year and a half later, Hietala is back on the road with the Northern Kings and performing solo gigs.

In a new interview with Finnish channel Chaoszine, Hietala talked about his return to the scene and his new way of thinking.

About Northern Kings gigs, he said: “It’s great. It’s been 10 years since we did anything together. And now it’s super nice to be together. Everyone is relaxed and has a sense of humor. And as a metal singer, sometimes it’s very demanding, he tries, but now I don’t have to stress , because there are three other guys to cover for me if I ever mess up. [rires].”

Regarding his solo performances, he explained: “The solo shows are also great. People who have followed me know that I said I might not come back [sur scène]but I’m back and now I’m having fun.”

He then explained that 2021 was a difficult year for him, and he reappeared in early 2022 when spring arrived. He used the pandemic to reassess his priorities and decided that he no longer wanted to play on big stages around the world, and that he would rather “leave it to other people”.

Regarding his departure from Nightwish, he said: “It was a long process. We had a gap year. And I meditated a lot. I realized that if I didn’t change something, I would get sicker and sicker. I’ve been chronically depressed since 2010/2011, so I’ve been in treatment ever since. Sometimes you get used to the pills and you have to increase the doses, but it didn’t work. I went to psychotherapy for four years, […] and recently I was told I have ADHD [Trouble du Déficit de l’Attention avec/sans Hyperactivité].”

Currently, Hietala plans to continue with solo performances, as well as occasional collaborations with the Northern Kings.

For their part, Nightwish plans to enter the studio in the summer of 2023 to record a new album.

Interview with Mark Hietal for Chaoszine:

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