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“I’m happy to announce…”: Christophe Willem announces an amazing project and it’s not about music!

“Panorama” is the name of the new album that Christophe Willem planned to release. His fans are eagerly awaiting the launch of this video. Namely, it is scheduled for September 16. In addition, the singer cultivates the curiosity of his audience by revealing some passages from his work. They are eager to find out exactly what is in the album in question.

Christophe Willem announces the teasers

The singer releases some excerpts from his album to his fans. This approach tickles the interest of his fans even more. For example, he discovered two titles from his registry. These songs are called “I love you” and “Ghosts”.

This recording by Christophe Willem is already available for pre-order. But in the meantime, he’ll have to find something to keep his fans waiting. And wisely, the singer allowed his fans to trade points.

It is on his YouTube channel that he decides to share more information about his work. The singer tells Karima Čarna that he was indecisive about his title.

Indeed, Christophe Willem says: “This album is a breath of fresh air, it is extremely intimate because I was without any restrictions”. He admits that he hesitated a lot before deciding to call it “Panorama”.

An album that reveals intimate secrets

Christophe Willem’s new album tells a lot about his life. But why did he choose this title? This is the question that torments the minds of his fans after the singer’s interview. Zvezda explains that two reasons motivated him to make this choice.

“There are two reasons. The first is that it’s an album that deals with all the issues. I go directly to my adolescence, my relationship to sexuality, my relationship to the media, to the eyes of others. So there is this side: bypassing the question” he admitted.

He also explains the connection of this new album to his past. “It’s about the fact that my parents lived on the street and often, when I was young and having complicated moments, I went for a walk at the top of their street.”

Christophe Willem explains that the name of the street where they lived was called ‘Rue du Panorama’. It is a street that holds many memories for him. Moreover, it was a place where he liked to be alone.

Another good news

After this statement, fans of Christophe Willem are even more intrigued. But while he waits for the official release of his album, his audience will have to bear his troubles patiently. He’ll have to wait a few more weeks.

To temporize the situation, the singer is offering his fans a consolation prize. The one Pierre Palmade flirted with will open clothing store. Moreover, he shares his opening on his Instagram account. Christophe Willem shares the good news from July 27th.

“I am happy to announce the opening of my official store! We have come up with a lot of new products for you, I hope you will like them,” he says. In addition, it publishes various images of its products on the web.

The singer highlights several products such as t-shirts, hoodies, bags and mugs. He points out that these additions reflect his name “Panorama”. The star ends the interview by inviting all her fans to join her action.

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