In Bangladesh, singer Hero Alom has ordered an end to the massacre of the national repertoire

In Bangladesh, singer Hero Alom has ordered an end to the massacre of the national repertoire

Hero Alom has almost two million fans on Facebook and almost 1.5 million on YouTube where he has been broadcasting his songs in extravagant videos for several years. But the 37-year-old singer has drawn the ire of critics, accusing him of butchering the classic titles of Bengali Nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore and poet Kazi Nazrul Islam, two national treasures.

“We received many complaints against himDhaka Police Inspector General Harun ur Rashid told reporters. He completely perverted the (traditional) style. We asked him why he did it. He assured us he wouldn’t do it again.”he added.

Hero Alom claimed it was “mentally tortured” last week while under police questioning. “The police came for me at six in the morning and kept me for eight hourssaid on Wednesday at his studio in Dhaka, they asked me why I sing the songs of Rabindra and Nazrul”.

The police asked him to stop singing these classics and sign the message “excuse”. They also asked her to no longer appear in a police uniform in her videos and to change her name, the singer said. “They also told me to take a good look in the mirror, because I don’t look like a hero at all”he continued.

His nickname “Hero” stuck with him as he began to find success in his home district of Bogra, 150 kilometers north of Dhaka. “I felt like a hero. I adopted the name Hero Alomhe explained, i won’t give up”. Dhaka Deputy Commissioner of Police Farook Hossain denied that the singer was asked to change his name. His treatment by the police enraged his fans on social networks, as well as human rights defenders. “I’m not a fan of your songs or your acting. But if someone tries to screw you up, I object”reacted journalist Aditya Arafat.

After the interrogation, Hero Alam released a new video in which he appears behind bars, wearing a prison uniform, looking dejected. “Right now it seems we can no longer sing freely in Bangladesh”lamented Hero Alom.

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