In Saint-Malo, the musical pays tribute to Robert Surcouf, the king of privateers

In Saint-Malo, the musical pays tribute to Robert Surcouf, the king of privateers

Who has never dreamed of living the adventures of a big-hearted corsair? With a musical Surcouf, king of corsairs, Saint-Malo producer Charles Tharaux realizes his dream. He embarks on his adventure with a group of artists passionate about the hero of the corsair city and this artistic genre.

The performance is scheduled until August 6, 2022 at the Palais du Grand Large in Saint Malo.

France 3 Brittany / K. Veillard / V. Bars / L. Tafforeau / H. Tiercelin

A few hours before going on stage, actors, singers and dancers get ready in the dressing rooms. After several years in the making, the play is finally coming to life. Eighteen artists were looking forward to this moment, but the trepidation is still present. “We had three days on set so it’s very intense,” reports Cédric Chupin, interpreter of Surcouf.

One hour and forty-five, the scenography parades in the rhythm of the life of Saint-Malo heroes. Twenty-five poems recount his adventures, from his early childhood at boarding school to his greatest conquests at sea and his love affair with Marie-Catherine Blaise de Maisonneuve. “I can’t wait for it to start because it’s a really great show, it’s super beautiful and we’re going to have fun,” rejoices young eleven-year-old Neo, who plays Surcouf as a child.

Surcouf, king of corsairs, is a story loosely inspired by the busy and romantic life of the great navigator Robert Surcouf. “There are so many things that we had to choose because we couldn’t say everything.” says Maëlle le Tersec, director and co-creator of the show.

At the end of the 18th century, a private war was raging. The French fight fierce battles against the English who deploy a large and powerful fleet to prevent them from carrying on trade and protect their lines of communication on the great road to India.

The French population is threatened with a terrible famine. The young man, a genius of the sea and a good strategist, will embrace the career of a sailor and will overthrow the English from their naval supremacy, making all the enemy ships of France tremble, from London to Calcutta. He is from Saint-Malo and his name is Robert Surcouf. Pride for produced by Charles Tharaux. “I’m from Malouin and when I came back here I felt the desire to make a musical in Saint-Malo for Malouins and visitors on the corsair king”, He says.

“Surcouf, king of corsairs”, a musical playing until August 6, 2022 at the Palais du Grand Large in Saint-Malo.
20:30 Wednesday, Thursday, Friday 15:00 and 20:30 Saturday
Prices: from €20 to €60

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