In September, the Fête de l'Humanité packs its bags in Essonne

In September, the Fête de l’Humanité packs its bags in Essonne

The festival will now take place at Base 217, a former airbase between Brétigny-sur-Orge and Le Plessis-Pâté.

The Fête de l’Humanité is moving. At the beginning of the school year, the traditional musical and political meeting of the left goes from Seine-Saint-Denis to the former airbase in Essonne, where all the partners of the new left alliance Nupes should meet.

On September 9, 10 and 11, this 87th edition should be the occasion for a joint debate between the different political forces of Nupes (LFI, EELV, PS, PCF, Generations), as suggested by the communist leader Fabien Roussel. Given the “political conditions we are in”, Fabien Gay, director of the Humanity daily, told AFP this year will be even more “exceptional”. “It will very likely be the first time that the entire left will be represented by the Nupes stand,” he added.

In terms of music, several stages will host almost forty-five artists, with headliners such as singers Benjamin Biolay and Camélia Jordana, father and son duo Dutronc & Dutronc, rappers Sexion d’Assaut and Laylow or DJ Kungs.

Expected drop in attendance

After twenty-two years in La Courneuve, the Fête de l’Huma was forced to leave its mythical playground to host the media village of the Olympic Games in 2024. The apartments were to become permanent. The event, which was launched in 1930 by Marcel Cachin, then director of the left-wing newspaper l’Humanité, will occupy new premises in the southern suburbs of Paris.

According to the organization, it took two years of research to find a venue capable and willing to host the event, which attracts an average of 500,000 visitors each year. Therefore, almost 270,000 visitors will be expected at the beginning of September at Base 217, a former air base between Brétigny-sur-Orge and Le Plessis-Pâté.

According to the organization, the drop in attendance is justified by the “change and remoteness” of the place, which is located about 35 km from Paris, as well as the difficult recovery of the festival after the pandemic. These three days of festivities will also be an opportunity to celebrate peace. Note, on the event poster: a pigeon. Not without echoes of the war that has been raging in Ukraine since February.

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